Sian Ka’an photo of the day – reefs in the Riviera Maya

The barrel sponges spawn each August in the Mexican Caribbean and are an incredible natural activity to watch. Barrel sponges are either male or female.

Wow, wow, and wow. This aerial shot of the Sian Ka’an biopshere shows the lagoon and ocean in this UNESCO park. The Sian Ka’an is full of wonderful surprises and this photo shows it all. The Sian Ka’an is a protected biosphere so tours and activities are conducted by local guides who are knowledgable and trained in local birds, eco-diversity, indigenous plants and the history. If you look at this photo you will see dark patches in the sea, the coral reefs in the Sian Ka’an. Amazing and beautiful all at the same time.

Want more information on the Sian Ka’an. Check out where to stay and what to do so you too can swim in these incredible bodies of water!

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