Continuing with the upcoming events and celebrations (that we hardly can keep up), it is the turn for Caribbean music and dancing rhythms. The Salsa Festival is just around the corner and the Municipality authorities are finishing the last details to rise to the level of this incredible event. This would be a great celebration that reunites professionals and amateurs, all types of salsa music lovers. If you are ready to absorb the local culture, and get the contagious Fiesta mood, this is the type of event for you. Just a few more days to get ready, prepare your shows, get your tickets, and dance the night away.

A World-Class Event

Salsa Fest Organizers

This is one of the few events that brings an enormous production to Riviera Maya. After the well-known BPM festival disappeared, residents of the Riviera Maya and travelers were in much need of a music festival that would ignite the fiesta mood. Organized by a Civil association, The Salsa Festival’s main goal is to promote artistic talent and share the passion for Salsa music. The Salsa Festival will be combining different aspects for salsa music lovers; live music shows, workshops, professionals providing classes, dancers, and much more. Riviera Maya will become a Fiesta host during these four days that the festival will last. And we cannot wait for the party to start!

Locations And Rates

Salsa Fest team

There are several sponsors for the Salsa festival but the main host will be The Reef Hotel. One of the locations will be at The Reef Coco Beach, and The Reef 28 Resort, both in Playa del Carmen city. Depending on your traveling dates you can purchase two different passes; $35.00 usd per person for Saturday and Sunday *All the private Fiestas and workshops. And $120.00 usd per person, for all private Fiestas and workshops from beginning to end of the Festival (October 17th to 20th 2019). We highly recommend you to purchase the tickets in advance because there is a limited capacity. If you require assistance for the purchase please contact us, we will more than happy to help.

Free Option For Salsa Lovers

28 de julio plaza

In addition to all the workshops, congress, and private classes, music bands will be performing live at Plaza 28 de Julio (Municipality park) in Playa del Carmen. This will happen every day of the festival from October 17th to the 20th, every evening at 7:30 pm. Each day will last until 11:00 pm more or less. There will be a total of 6 music bands performing on different nights. Even though it is a family event, we do not recommend you to bring kids under 8 years old to avoid overwhelming them. You also don’t need to be a professional dancer or even have a notion of the Salsa rhythm, there will be a lot of friendly people looking for partners to dance and will be more than happy to show you how. For more questions about similar events in Riviera Maya don’t forget to e-mail us to [email protected]

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