Riviera Maya vacation tips – Parents need down time too!

Posted April 24, 2013 by Kay Walten in Family vacations,Mexico Vacation Tips

get some quiet parent time while on your Riviera Maya vacation

We have heard it many times, taking your kids on vacation is not a vacation for the parents! When you venture off on vacation the planning to unpacking process is a chore. It is a chore all parents love as they want to create wonderful family vacation memories, vacation adventures and get away from routine, but family vacations are tiring, there is not doubt about it.

How to get parent down time while on vacation

Here are a few ideas, or tips so you can get some down time while on vacation. The Riviera Maya is not immune to family vacations and have services if not the ideal locations for parents to find downtime.

1. Rent a villa or vacation home with a rooftop or outdoor terrace. When the kids fall to sleep, and many are tired early after a long day on the beach, a terrace in your vacation home lets you enjoy a romantic dinner while still having an eye on the sleepy heads. For an hour or maybe even two, you and your spouse will feel like you are on vacation! Serve up a margarita, order in some food and enjoy a quiet terrace dinner while the kids are sound asleep. Turtle Bakery in Akumal delivers dinner for couples and families, Playa del Carmen has a delivery service that services many different restaurants in the area, and Tulum has pizza that will arrive ‘en domicilio’.

2. Arrange for a local chef to make a dinner for two at your vacation rental. Make the kids an early meal, pop them into bed and let the real evening begin! Local chefs will come to your vacation home and cook for you! This is a treat, kids or no kids, that we love to use even for ourselves! There is something to be said about a personal chef that will cook, serve, wine pair and clean up that is just so…..dreamy. This service is a lot less expensive than at home so indulge, you deserve it!

3. Use local babysitting services even for an hour. Babysitters are a great way to get a break and a great way to take an hour or so with your spouse. Many parents are not 100% comfortable with a caregiver they do not know very well, we get it. This is why we suggest a babysitter for an hour or so…take a walk in the middle of the afternoon with your spouse and have someone watch the kids. Attend happy hour at 5 pm and have a babysitter watch over pizza night for the kids and happy hour for mom and dad. This is a short break, gives you a breather and does not force you to leave your kids with caretakers for hours on end. We love our babysitters but we have a long relationship with them. The more you come to visit, the better you will get to know them so eventually you may just take off for an evening and have an adult dinner!

To find a local babysitter in the Riviera Maya, search through our local services directory and find your vacation town. Each city or village has a babysitting service that you can use while on vacation.

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