Riviera Maya vacation tips – adventures for the kids

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Kid advenutes in the Riviera Maya

Who doesn’t love an adventure! Kids as well as adults will find these adventures great during their vacation in the Riviera Maya. We have picked these adventures using very particular criteria. First no long car drives. Some kids (and adults) don’t travel well, so we defaulted to adventures close by. Second we choose some main stream easy to access, easy to get to adventures where the whole family will have fun. Third we have taken smaller and bigger kids into account. Fourth, these suggestions do not have a time line so you can go when you want, for as long as you want and you are not holding anyone up when someone gets tired.

By no means is this list of kid adventures complete! There are many more things to do and adventures to be had by little explorers but these are a great place to start! This is the short and dirty list, but a very useful one when you are new to the area.

Kid Adventures in the Riviera Maya

1. Xcaret and Xel Ha. Choose eco park and spend the day exploring, learning and having a blast. Kids under 4 are half price and there is a lot to do and see. What we do love about both eco-parks is that parents will find these parks as fun as the kids. If you loved one, and want to try another park another day, go for it! Both are very different and both eco parks will provide you with a great adventure day, and all you have to do is show up! The PLUS packages include lunch so if you are planning to go early and stay till dinner time this could be a good way to go. Like any amusement park, food is not cheap so check out the PLUS plan.

2. Cenotes. This is a fun day or morning if you have kids who love the water. Cenotes are naturally fed spring caverns that look like big jungle pools on the onset but with a mask you will see that under the waterline is a whole different world. Cenotes are safe for kids, fun and really an adventure! Check out cenotes close to your Riviera Maya destination. All cenotes are fun and one is not better than the other!

3. Food adventure. This is one of the fun things about being on vacation in an international destination. Food can be an adventure and these are the most remembered adventures! Find a cool beach front taco place, or try the fresh fruit popsicles. Look for a banana tree or orange tree of even a coconut tree and pick your own food!

Tulum Ruins. If you wish to open your kids to some of the local history, the Tulum Ruins is your best bet! Go early, make the tour short, have your bathing suits with you and swim in the ocean below the ruins. The Tulum ruins can be done quickly if you want to introduce your kids to Mayan history. There is an outdoor mall with restaurants and a Subway (yup you read that right) for lunch. YOu don’t need to walk from the parking lot or highway with the little ones. Take the Tulum train that takes people from the outdoor mall to the entrance of the ruins. This just may be the highlight for the kids!

Let your kids explore and give them a little push. Adventures when they are young provide them with the adventure bug as they get older. We loved that our parents were explorers and adventure nuts. Some days it was not the best as a little one, but I have to say, it is much appreciated as an adult.

Check out some information about the ecoparks in the area and find out about this fascinating and easy adventure.

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