Riviera Maya travel tip – buy local where ever you are

Tulum ariel view and beach road photo


This travel tip applies to all destinations in the Riviera Maya, no matter where you choose to stay. Buy local, really, and make your vacation a fun and interesting adventure in so many different ways. Here are some ideas as to how to buy local. Shop at small fruit stores, or locally owned restaurants when looking for something to eat. Search out local artisans that live in the city where you are staying instead of the large stores that are jammed pack with souvenirs that are imported from other areas. Try street food, really, it is the best food you will have on your trip. Stay outside of your comfort zone and shop locally.

There are international and national chains anywhere in the Riviera Maya. Oxxo, 7/11, Hugo Boss, Johnny Rockets. You can have this anytime, or buy this clothing any time…try a new fruit or vegetable, do one local thing each day and find out what we love about the Riviera Maya. Conveniences are nice and makes life easier but part of your vacation is to share in something new. The best way to do this is to buy locally and support locally!

No we did not say buy LOCO…we did say buy LOCAL.

Check out some of the local vendors in each of the cities located in the Riviera Maya.

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