March 2015 Events and Carnival Parades in the Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya Events for March 2015

Easter arrives earlier than usual in 2015 so March events in the Riviera Maya seem more than past years. Annual local events intertwine with carnival parades and carnival closing ceremonies on Fat Tuesday March 4. Start Planning your March 2015 Vacation March 1 - Mayatholon Triathalon in the Riviera Maya. March 4 and 5th - Fat Tuesday feasts and carnival closing ceremonies in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Isla Mujeures. March 12- 15 - Cancun Food and Wine Festival -...

Riviera Maya Film Festival 2015 – Beachside Festival

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Now this is a festival you cannot miss. The Riviera Maya Film Festival - RMFF 2015 is an annual festival of international films that takes you from city to city, beach to beach, and theater to theater. This ingenious festival is a ton of fun and is structured similar to that of the Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival. This festival is only a few years old, but momentum is building as the festival becomes popular. 2015 Festival Dates for the Riviera Maya Film Festival Dates have...

Celebrate Carnival / Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya

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Celebrate Carnival / Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya

Skip New Orleans this year and celebrate Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya! Cozumel Island has a long history of Mardi Gras celebrations, with Merida putting on a great series of events before Fat Tuesday. Dates for Carnival in 2015 Fat Tuesday falls on February 17, 2015. Cozumel has a full month of celebrations starting January 17 with the crowning of the King and Queen. Merida has a full week of Carnival celebrations starting Feb 11 and ending February 17th. Like other famous Mardi Gras...

Riviera Maya Moving to Eastern Standard Time February 1, 2015

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Riviera Maya Moving to Eastern Standard Time

Get ready to move your clocks forward on February 1, 2015 as the coastal state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun, the Rivera Maya, and Costa Maya, gets in sync with the Eastern coast of the United States and Canada. The states of Campeche and Yucatan located in the Yucatan Peninsula will not be following suite. These states will remain on Central Time. The recent decision was based on a few factors. Since 1981 the Federal Government has been pushing to change the time zone in Quintana...

Weekly Riviera Maya Organic Markets – Food and Local Artists

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Weekly Riviera Maya Organic Markets

Not sure if the general public is aware but Mexico decided over a year ago to support a NO GMO agriculture law! Local farmers protested to their state governments who then took the request to the Feds. Quickly the farmers were granted their wish, no GMO seeds are allowed in the country. Yipppeeee!! Throughout the coast local organic and farmers markets are springing up to support local farmers and support our health. It is fantastic that organic produce that is GMO free is found so readily...

Happy New Year from the Riviera Maya and Loco Gringo

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Happy New Year 2015 from LocoGringo

Well, we brought in 2015 with a big bang! The Riviera Maya was one big party and everyone had a great time. What we love about the Riviera Maya at New Year's is that you can pick how you want to spend the evening. We combined a nice dinner at home overlooking the beach with a last minute run to a local bar to bring in the New Year with friends. Quiet for the most part with a big bang at midnight! No New Year's Resolutions Needed Here We live a great life in a beautiful place so resolutions...

3 Days of dancing in the New Year in the Riviera Maya

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If you are looking for a way to bring in the New Year,  join in a three-day music extravaganza "Coincidance".  Dance 2014 away for 3 days on a secluded beach in the Caribbean and a secret jungle rave. Live music starts December 30 at 10 pm until 9 AM.  Yep through the night!  Experience the beat on the beach, at the club stage or in the jungle. Coco Maya Beach Club & Lounge, with a capacity of 4,000 people, is the place to be in the Playa, in DJMag Top 100. Join the rich, famous...

Looking for something to do when the party is over?

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If you are in the Riviera Maya for New Years Don't Miss January 1st, for the first Annual Hangover Haven! WAH WAH PRESENTS ALL YOU CAN EAT AND ALL THE BLOODY'S YOU CAN DRINK FOR $220 PESOS! From 6 AM to 11 AM: For all of you that choose to watch the sun come up (and those who have had a great night sleep), we'll be serving an all you can eat and all the house Bloody's you can drink Breakfast Buffet on the beach at 6 am. From 11 AM to 4 PM: Mike Grabow and Friends will be hosting a...

New Ambulance Service in Akumal

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Tulum Red Cross

Akumal has its own ambulance 24/7! As a result of  local efforts in conjunction with the Red Cross in Tulum, a new ambulance will be established in Akumal to serve the Akumal and surrounding areas. The emergency number to call for the Red Cross ambulance is 984 802 5521. This is a Mexican cell phone number. Big congratulations to everyone who worked to make this happen!

Meet Dr. Bernardo, he makes house calls!

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dr bernardo diaz playa del carmen

Allow Us to Introduce You To Dr. Bernardo Diaz of Playa del Carmen! When we need a doctor, Dr. Bernardo is the guy we call.  Why?  One he speaks English, two, he makes house calls!   Something unheard of in the modern age.  Not only does he make house calls, if he needs blood drawn the phlebotomist (the guy who draws blood) can come too. No need to go to the office.  But Dr. B has an office near the Royal Resort in Playa del Carmen. Bedside manners: he's funny as hell, yet still...

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