Restaurant review: El Meson de Marques in Valladolid

tapas at Posada Margherita, Tulum Beach Mexico

Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Valladolid

We recently had the opportunity to stop in Valladolid for an early dinner after a day at the ruins at Chichen Itza with amigos from Brazil who were scouting for a film shoot.  Needless to say they loved the ruins of Chichen Itza.

One of our favorite places to eat is El Meson de Marques in Valladolid.  We arrived around 5:30 pm and the there were a few people there, but by 7:00pm the place was packed with locals and visitors!  Why, because here you can enjoy terrific Mexican and Yucatecan food.  Morning, noon and night.  We picked a few our favorite regional dishes to share with our visiting friends:  Cochinita Pibil, sopa de lima, Yucatan style longaniza and their house special “Caldo de Marques” which is flavorful soup which is hearty with avocado, other veggies, chicken, and a little spice!  The caldo is a winner!

El Meson de Marques is in the top ten restaurants in Valladolid and located right on the zocalo, it’s easy to find.

el meson de marques valladolid yucatan

Julio at Meson de Marques

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