Playa del Carmen vacation tip – Running route in Playa

Posted April 21, 2014 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Vacation Tips


So you want to have a good run while on vacation but you are not sure where to run or where would be a great place to run? Playa del Carmen is full of runners, both locals and visitors. The early morning is busy on 5th Avenue as this is the first place that runner gravitate to. We have a great runners map that will take you off the beaten track and let you kill two birds with one stone; a great run about 8 kms long and a nice tour of Playa del Carmen.

You can start anywhere on this map and will depend on which condo or hotel you have choosen for your vacation. The route takes you as far as CTM (46 Street) and into the beginning of Playacar. The diversity of the city will be quite evident once you follow this route. The route according to this map starts at the fountain on Constituyentes and heads north to 46th street where you will run east to the beach and back up 46th street to 5th Avenue where you can view the different stores and restaurants. Run all the way to outdoor mall located at the entrance to Playacar, head into the gated community until you reach the Aviary, and check out the small group of ruins on the east side. At your turn around point in Playacar, you will enter Playa del Carmen along 10th Ave, just one block west of 5th Ave and start to see off the beaten path places. This route takes you past the Municipal Offices where the Mayor does his magic, leads you up to 30th Ave. where there are great little taco places that serve up great authentic Mexican food and then you will head back down to the beach where your run will end. Wow, it is a great route, and we can almost guarantee that you will see fellow runners along this route. Take water, a little bit of cash (for more water) and we recommend that you run before 9 am or after 6 pm so the heat does not get to you! 5th Ave is in full shade in the morning which is why this is a popular running route.

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