Playa del Carmen tips and tricks – bicycle travel in the city

bike riding on t 5th ave in playa del carmen is not allowed

We love the fact that there are so many people looking to sustainable options to get around Playa del Carmen. The number or bike rental agencies reflects the desire for people to get around without a car. Hip Hip Hooray! Before you hop on that bike and start motoring, lets just review a few bike rules that are NOT publicized in this Riviera Maya city.

Bike rules in Playa del Carmen:

1. Bike riding is not allowed on 5th Ave. Walk your bike on this pedestrian walkway to avoid any issues.

2. 10th Ave has a bike path for bikers and tricyclos. This is a good notice for walkers as well. 10th Ave on the east side is a path for bikers up to Constituyentes. Bike riders must use this path and walkers need to be aware that bikers are on this path. From Playacar to 8th street there is a sidewalk for walkers and the smooth path is for bikers. After 8th street it is both a biking and walking path so make room for all.

3. Helmets are not required. There is not a helmet law yet, but do be careful. If you want to wear a helmet while biking around bring your own or purchase in town. Riding a bike off of 10th street and through the neighborhoods is easy, just be defensive and know that you do not have the right of way.

4. Playacar bike bath. The rules for bike riding in Playacar are the following. Once you enter Playacar off 10th street you are to cross the street and bike only on the west side once you pass the first round about. You will be told if you try to bike on the walking path on the east side.

5. Biking out of town. There is a new bike path on the highway from the second entrance/exit into Playacar heading south to Xcaret. We hear that there are great empanadas at the end of the path, so it makes your efforts worth while. The path ends here, so biking any further has to be at your own risk. If you are hoping to do some distance cycling, there is a group of bikers heading to Akumal from Playa del Carmen each Sunday for a road ride. If you are looking for a fast and furious work out, this is where you should be.

We love seeing that bike riding is becoming the transportation of choice in the Riviera Maya. Other cities have bike rentals as well, with Tulum heading up the number of locations. Have fun and enjoy being a mindful traveler and vacationer in the Riviera Maya!

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