With the low season almost over, we are getting more upcoming events to enjoy outdoors. Right at the beginning of the next month, we will have a really cool event that has been organized before. The 6th edition of Vida Gaia Fest in Cancun is giving families the opportunity of going out without spending too much money or time. Local events like this are also the best option to get in touch with the people and embrace their culture. The next Vida Gaia Fest will be held in Cancun town, on June 2nd, 2019. But we have further details to attend the following days and schedule a visit during your holidays in Riviera Maya.

Wellness In Paradise

Therapies Vida gaia

The destination is the perfect scenario for relaxing and get rid of the stress of daily life. Vida Gaia Fest adds on to this type of lifestyle, which goes perfectly well with the beautiful surroundings and local attractions. Away from the crowds and touristic activities you can find these type of events, more focused on wellness and relaxation. Zumba lessons, Laughter Yoga, Workshops, and low-cost therapies are on our top activities offered during the Vida Gaia Fest. You can also find natural medicine at affordable rates, handmade handcraft, and more.

Stands And Bazar

Shopping Vida Gaia Fest

In addition to all the low-cost activities and therapies at Vida Gaia Fest, there will be several stands offering local products. Clothing, authentic designs, and the best part: the most delicious local food. And for all type of taste too: Gluten-free, Vegan, Organic, and raw. Local bands and musicians will be in charge of the entertainment of the event. Usually acoustic guitars and local singers with their instruments. Don’t worry about bringing your kids, there are also special areas to entertain them and make them part of the activities. Vida Gaia Fest is a 100% family event.

Schedule Your Visit

Vida Gaia Fest food

If you are staying anywhere in Riviera Maya you can plan your visit to Vida Gaia Fest. Let us arrange your round family transportation or assist you with a rental car, by e-mailing us to [email protected] We can also plan a day trip for you and your family and add a couple more stops to other interesting places in Cancun, to make your day trip more complete. Vida Gaia Fest will welcome visitors during the days of June 2nd, June 30th, and August 4th, 2019. Starting at 10:00am until 6:00pm.
For more information about similar events, you can also call us 512-782-9878 and we will happily help you plan your family holidays.

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