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After researching and writing about family vacations in the Riviera Maya this month, we realized that our Riviera Maya family is a great example of how you can have fun as a family, either a family with kids or a pet parent family, like ours. Gary and I never had children, we felt that our community provided us with a robust and fulfilling life. For us, the addition of Chili Dog was our way of defining our family.

Everyone has a different family and all families need to have a vacation

Everyone defines their family differently. Some families are extended and include grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and kids. Some families are immediate families with your spouse and children. Some families are childless, but all the same a family. Some families, like ours are a community of people who share a common bond. What we love about the Riviera Maya, and have always loved about the Riviera Maya is that family, no matter how you define it, can be accommodated up and down the coast.

Our family, Gary, myself and Chili Dog extends to our community, our staff and our LG group. That is one heck of a family. But the Riviera Maya can handle it! Alternatively we have a friend who always travels with her blood related family, all 23 of them and they book a villa that can house this large group on the beach. Seriously!

Some people come to the Riviera Maya to start their family, whether it be a wedding, a reunion or a couples vacation (wink,wink). This is easy for the Riviera Maya. Destination weddings and wedding renewals are popular in this beach destination. We are super proud that new couples come to celebrate this family beginning in our destination. Vow renewals are special. For us, we find it an honor that couples share these family events with us.

Your family IS your family and needs a great vacation

Some vacation specialists won’t deal with family vacations. Some vacation specialists cannot deal with pet parents who want to bring their pet family on vacation. We say, pooh pooh to those who can not look at your vacation as a unique experience that needs to take your circumstances into account. Our family is far from a traditional family but we still need a vacation and we still like to be together. Our experience and special circumstances are understood by all of us at Locogringo, cause we all have unique families.

Your family may need something for aging parents. Your family may need a place for your pets. Your family may need to find a destination that will make all your family members happy. Your vacation destination may need to be open to competing interests, competing food needs, competing goals, competing needs. We will find it. We will find the perfect location, the perfect destination in the Riviera Maya that will put family first. Family has been important to us since we came to the Riviera Maya, and continues to be important to us.

The Locogringo family gets it! We understand family vacations

When we came to the Riviera Maya we were a couple. That was our family. As our life grew here, so did our new family and it became one big extended family! Now my parents, brothers and sisters have joined the Locogringo family and vacation, you guessed it, in the Riviera Maya. My mom is now mom to the staff, to out LG guests and more! She is an LG’er herself along with my dad, and the rest of the gang.

All we can say is thank goodness for family. No matter how small or large, how difficult or delightful, your family is the best group of people you know and they deserve only the best! Blood is thicker than water and it is thicker than the sea! What we love is that we have great blood relations, water relations and sea relations in our home!

Check out some of our family villas that could make your next family vacation, exceptional!

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