New Affordable Transportation Project For Playa Del Carmen Visitors

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We can certainly find wonderful options when searching for affordable services for our travelers. And just recently, something took us by surprise. A new project that will make local people and tourists, save tons of money on transportation while helping the environment. Solidaridad municipality along with Biciplaya company released a new public mobility system, that is easy to access. Renting a car while on Vacations might be your second option from now on. We are sure this piece of information is of great interest for visitors who love exploring the town on their own, like a true local.

Biking In Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen town is located in the middle of Riviera Maya. Only 45 minutes driving distance from Cancun airport, and around 40 more minutes to Tulum town. It is full of services for tourists and visitors, restaurants, shops, and now, a new way to explore the area at a low cost. The is a route designed only for bikes which cover 10th Avenue, from Constituyentes Avenue and until the entrance of Playacar. But if you check the map of Playa del Carmen, you will see there are other avenues and streets in town that are easy to explore by bike. Biciplaya project was created by the municipality to reduce air contamination, protect the environment with solar-powered bikes, and reduce costs of mobility for locals and visitors.

Now, this is how the Biciplaya project works; This new mobility system allows you to take a bike and use it for up to 30 minutes, to go from one bike station to the other. With the simple use of an App, you rent a bike for 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. Although, if you travel often to Playa del Carmen or are thinking about moving to the area, we highly recommend you to get the annual membership which is a lot cheaper. The bikes have 3 different speeds, have a solar-powered automatic lock, powerful break, GPS traceable, are light, resistant, and cool looking. The Biciplaya project has been active in Playa del Carmen since September 1st of this year.

Plenty Of Bike Stations

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In total, there are 44 different bike stations of Biciplaya in Playa del Carmen. The App will automatically download the map on your cell phone to view the proximate to you. And there is also a chronometer which reminds you how many minutes you have to get to the next bike Station before the automatic lock gets activated. There are also 500 bikes in Playa del Carmen, although the number of bikes and bike stations keeps increasing. Every change is updated automatically on the App. With this new mobility option, you can discover new restaurants, shops and other touristic places, on your own time, and without paying outrageous rates for transportation. The technical support is amazing, and the App is easy to download and use.

Affordable Rents

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One of the best things about getting your membership is that you don’t need to take the bike home. There is always a bike available at each Station spot. And if you don’t see one, a biking agent will deliver one immediately, after you send a message to request it. The rentals go from 98 pesos per day, 196 pesos per 3 days, or 328 pesos for 7 days. If you are interested in getting the annual membership it is a lot cheaper, because there is a special promo that lasts until September 22nd for only 250 pesos for the whole year. Once you download the App, it is easy to pay directly only with your credit or debit card. After September 22nd, the annual membership will go back to its original rate at 450 pesos.

Please contact us if you have any questions about downloading the App, the usage, payment, or the process for the rental. Check out the map for bike stations, and download the App, available for IOS and Google platforms.
Biciplaya also offers bike tours or “rodadas” throughout the year, to visit museums, murals, and other sites of Touristic interest. The next event will be at Plaza 28 de Julio, around 4:30 pm. If you are interested in learning how to use your membership, getting the App, or simply finding out about related eco-friendly or bike events, please send us an inquiry to [email protected] we would love to help with detailed information.

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