Yucatan photo of the day – Flamingos, flamingos, flamingos

Posted April 10, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Photos,Sustainable Tourism

flamingos in Rio Lagartos Riviera maya tours and Riviera Maya birds

Love this photo and love the flamingos in Rio Lagartos. You don't need to be a bird watcher to enjoy this super photo of the day. Nor do you have to be a bird watcher to venture out to see hundreds of flamingos in the Yucatan. Rio Lagartos is a true working fishing village in the Gulf Of Mexico just 3 hours from the coast of the Riviera Maya. As a one day adventure, by rental car or by a tour, seeing the flamingos in their natural habitat is worth this day trip! Local tour guides are more...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – Making Family vacations fun

Posted April 9, 2013 by Kay Walten in Family vacations,Riviera Maya Photos

Riviera Maya dream vacations and family vacations

Make your kids feel special on vacation! Explore the beaches and streets in the Rivera Maya Mexico as a mermaid, a princess, an explorer or kid adventurer! If you are traveling without kids or the extended family, be your own mermaid, princess or explorer. What we love about vacations is that you can have dreams come true, whether it be a quiet dinner, a bucket list adventure or pretending you are a mermaid for a day or a week! The Riviera Maya makes it easy to play out fun dreams and...

Riviera Maya travel tip of the day – donate your beach toys

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Donate your beach toys when your Riviera Maya vacation is over

This is a fabulous idea at the end of your vacation. Beach toys are a must on your vacation with kids. It is a cheap and cheerful item that you can buy at any local or large grocery store in the Riviera Maya. You can leave the toys at the vacation villa you rented so the next family can benefit or you can donate your toys to a local charity. DIF is a government social service agency for families that services communities all along the Riviera Maya. Each city or pueblo will also have their own...

Akumal travel tip – Akumal Comedy Festival and beach bar music

Posted April 8, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya events

Natalie and the foxes at the Akumal comedy festival 2013

If you are in the Riviera Maya April 10 to 13, 2013, check out the Akumal Comedy Festival! This annual festival has great comics during the four days but there is also some local music to check out as well. Our LG forum users are anxiously awaiting the return of Natalie and the Foxes who will be playing at La Buena Vida Saturday night! Check out the Locogringo Forum for more updates! Schedule for the Akumal Comedy Festival Wednesday - April 10, 2013 PRE-FESTIVAL KICK OFF...

Akumal photo of the day – Comedy festival is coming!

Posted April 5, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Photos

Scott Brown photo of Comendy festival in Akumal, Mexico

Scott Brown, photographer extraordinaire and LG staff member shot this photo at last years Akumal Comedy Festival. Love the photo and love that the Akumal Comedy Festival is returning April 10, 2013. If you are in town, it is worth a trip to Akumal, and if you are staying in Akumal you have not excuses! Scott will be taking photos again so we look forward to more great shots of this community festival supported by Akumal businesses. The Riviera Maya will always put you in a good mood, add a...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Feeding the kids on vacation

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feeding your kids on vacation in the Riviera Maya

Mexico is the land of the taco and chili, and rumored to have very spicy food. What do you feed your kids while on vacation in the Riviera Maya? Will you be stuck with chili's and spice and the almighty habanero chili? Of course not! The Riviera Maya is a multicultural area that is inspired by the Mexican culture and takes advantage of the beautiful coast. It is by no means a 100% Mexican culinary destination and kids love the diverse choices in the area. You will have access to American,...

Yucatan photo of the day – family market trip to Valladolid

Posted April 4, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Photos

Valladolid market in the Yucatan

The Yucatan is the food hub of the area with local farmers and ranchers working hard to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for the Penisula. Valladolid has a daily market that makes a great road trip for the family and only requires a half day trip, not a full day adventure. If you have kids, this is a great way to open them up to a unique cultural experience while getting your chores done. Unique foods indigenous to the area can be found, Local produce is fresh, fresh, fresh....The market...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – Kids see the darndest things

Posted April 3, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Photos

fun things to keep you entertained on your family vacation in the Riviera maya

My 5 year old nephew saw this bird on an adventure walk in the Riviera Maya. Of course I had no idea what type of bird it was or what family of birds it came from. My instinct was the Mayan turkey, referred to as the Ocelated Turkey. Without the blue head and fancy plumes of an adult Ocelated turkey I could not say for sure, for sure that this was the actual Mayan turkey. After doing some late night research, I recovered myself as the smartest aunt in the world and was able to verify that this...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Best accommodation for families

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family vaction villas in the Riviera Maya

Finding the perfect accommodations for your family while on vacation can be a challenge. It is hard to know what is best for your family, what would best suit your needs, your desires and of course your dreams. What you would pick for a couples getaway is very different from what you would pick for your family. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect accommodations for your family vacation in the Riviera Maya. 1. Go beachfront! Watch over the kids while they...

Simple Family Vacations in the Riviera Maya

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simple family beach vacation in the Riviera Maya

Since we moved to Mexico over 20 years ago, we have developed a KISS attitude -Keep It Simple Stupid! We did not start out that way, truly, but we have learned over time that simple is better! Simple is actually more fun. To help families plan for their vacation we are going to share our KISS principles so that you can learn in minutes what took us a few years to get used to. When we travel to other countries, we have a moment of shock at how busy, eventful, complex and complicated lives are...

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