Riviera Maya vacation tips – Water safety in the sea and pool

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riviera maya water safety for kids on vacation

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea are hard to resist! No matter what age you are, or how experienced you may be, the sea is an interesting place that take anyone by surprise! What we do love about the east coast of Mexico is the relative calmness of the ocean compared to other vacation destinations. When you end up in one of the many bays, or in Playa del Carmen, or find yourself at the beach on a north wind day when the seas are extra flat, water safety is still important! What...

Costa Maya photo of the day – Mahahual boat captain

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Check this cool guy out on a boat in Mahahaul. This is a great photo taken in the Costa Maya that really portrays the area well. Cool captain, great boat for snorkeling and scuba diving on the Chinchurro Banks, a laid back feel and beautiful. Could you get a bluer sea or a bluer sky? Could it be more picture perfect? Costa Maya is located just to the south of the Riviera Maya. The first town is Mahahual, a cruise ship destination but a neighbourhood Mayan village. Xcalak and Bacalar are also...

Yucatan photo of the day – Mayan woman at work!

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Mayan ladies at the Market in the Yucatan riviera maya mexico sustainable tourism

Love this photo of local Mayan women working and laughing together in a local market. One woman is carrying a clay pot, the other women are surrounded with market items of the day, banana leaves, gourds, boxes and more. What amazed us was the incredible piles of banana leaves that are used to steam fish and to make tamales. Tamales are indigenous to the area, a paddy of corn flour, meat and salsa wrapped in banana leaves and roasted over an open fire. Tamales are our road trip food and a...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – adventures for the kids

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Kid advenutes in the Riviera Maya

Who doesn't love an adventure! Kids as well as adults will find these adventures great during their vacation in the Riviera Maya. We have picked these adventures using very particular criteria. First no long car drives. Some kids (and adults) don't travel well, so we defaulted to adventures close by. Second we choose some main stream easy to access, easy to get to adventures where the whole family will have fun. Third we have taken smaller and bigger kids into account. Fourth, these suggestions...

Isla Mujeres photo of the day – Sunset on the Island of Women

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Isla Mujeres is just north of Cancun. Take a quick ferry ride to the Island of Women and enjoy a Caribbean feel, great beaches, and our favorite, the sunsets. Isla Mujeres is technically outside of the Riviera Maya, but we still love this vacation destination in Mexico. THe island is small, 2 kms in diameter and 8 kms long. Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation but cars are allowed on the island. Isla Mujeres has a pedestrian avenue similar to that found in Playa del Carmen but it...

Our Riviera Maya family – Living the life in the Riviera Maya

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After researching and writing about family vacations in the Riviera Maya this month, we realized that our Riviera Maya family is a great example of how you can have fun as a family, either a family with kids or a pet parent family, like ours. Gary and I never had children, we felt that our community provided us with a robust and fulfilling life. For us, the addition of Chili Dog was our way of defining our family. Everyone has a different family and all families need to have a...

Paamul vacation tip – Great beach for the whole family

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paamul restaurant on the beach in the Riviera Maya

For good reason, Paamul is a kid destination where local moms and parents love to take their children after school or on the weekends. Why is Paamul a great family beach and hang out spot in the Riviera Maya? There are few family essentials in Paamul that make family fun a little bit easier than other beaches. Find out why Paamul is the family beach Paamul is minutes from Playa del Carmen, just north of Xpu ha beach and north of Akumal. The family features at this quiet beach are a pool, easy...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Parents need down time too!

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get some quiet parent time while on your Riviera Maya vacation

We have heard it many times, taking your kids on vacation is not a vacation for the parents! When you venture off on vacation the planning to unpacking process is a chore. It is a chore all parents love as they want to create wonderful family vacation memories, vacation adventures and get away from routine, but family vacations are tiring, there is not doubt about it. How to get parent down time while on vacation Here are a few ideas, or tips so you can get some down time while on vacation....

Costa Maya photo of the day – Bacalar lagoon

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Wow, this is a great inland village in the heart of the Costa Maya. Bacalar lagoon is known as the lagoon of 7 colors. The blues in the lake make it look like there are seven shades of blue in the water. Bacalar is a quiet village that has a rich history, the San Felipe fort and lots of sustainable activities. Bacalar is a little gem, a well-kept secret and a chill place for you to hang out. Check out more information on Bacalar, where it is located, what vacation activities there are and...

Isla Holbox photo of the day – Sandy roads and caribbean flare

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Isla HOlbox in the town of HOlbox, featured buildings and sand roads

Isla Holbox (pronounced Hole-bosh) is just north of Cancun in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The history of this island is colorful, and it has been through more bosses of the island than we would like to mention. Isla Holbox has one boss today, and that is the Whaleshark, the largest fish in the sea that migrates from Honduras to the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months. Isla Holbox is a personal favorite and we love the whalesharks as well. Combined I would say...

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