Yucatan Photo of the Day – Jungle orchids

Posted March 26, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations

jungle orchid in Yucatan, Mexico

There is so much natural beauty in the Yucatan jungle if you keep an eye out for it. Jungle orchids usually grow in the crooks of tree branches, so be sure to look up when hiking the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. Discover other surprises hidden in the Yucatan Jungle.

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Casa Itzamna in Coba

Posted by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations

mayan healing in the Riviera Maya

Casa Itzamna near Coba is a center of Mayan medicine studies. Here you will find treatments and products based on the holistic therapies of the ancient Maya civilization. This is certainly a true cultural experience for the mindful traveler. Round out your Coba day trip with a visit to the ruins.

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Soliman Bay gem

Posted March 24, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations

rivera maya restaurants

Chamico's, located at the end of the Soliman Bay road, is sustainable dining in its truest form. Fresh, local, delicious! Find your Soliman Bay vacation home.

Get Back to Nature with a Sustainable Yucatan Tour

Posted March 19, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations

get back to nature with a riviera maya mexico tour

Modern research has shown that spending a significant amount of time in the outdoors away from the modern world recharges us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Studies have concluded that we as human beings are most productive after having immersed ourselves in the Earth's offerings. Sustainable travel, with a focus on the discovery of natural habitats and wildlife, refreshes renews and inspires...and there is no better place to reconnect with mother nature than the Yucatan...

Akumal Vacation Tip – Live music this Friday

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Live band in Akumal, Mexico

Natalie & the Foxes are playing at the Lol- Ha Beach Bar & Grill in Akumal beginning at 7PM March 21. If you are visiting the coast, come out and rock with one of the Riviera Maya's favorite local blues bands while enjoying dinner and drinks, and the very beautiful Akumal Bay as your backdrop. Stay the night in an Akumal hotel.

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – New Tulum spa

Posted March 14, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations

spa in Tulum, Riviera Maya

The swanky Riviera Maya beach hotel, Be Tulum, has opened the very chic Yaan Energy and Wellness Spa. Join the ranks of Demi Moore and Sting who are among the spa's celebrity clients and indulge in a Sobada Maya, a deep Mayan massage using native plants and herbs to heal and cleanse the body. Celebrities and the fashion elite love Tulum.

Yucatan Photo of the Day – Easter customs in Mexico

Posted March 12, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexican Culture,Mexico Destinations,Mindful Traveler,Yucatan Activities

Customs in Yucatan, Mexico

The mindful traveler learns about a country's culture. Mexico celebrates Pascua de Resurrección, or Easter in English, with great passion. This photo was taken in Izamal, Yucatán and is of the Mexican custom Vía Crucis (Way of the Cross), a street procession of actors portraying Roman soldiers and Christ bearing a cross. This custom is practiced in many Yucatecan cities. Discover historical cities of the Yucatan.

Supporting Sustainable Business in the Riviera Maya

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sustainable businesses in the riviera maya

Everyone has heard the sustainable battle cry "Buy local!" When traveling, the 'buy local' focus changes.  Instead of looking for products from your home country, look to buying and enjoying things from where you're visiting. It is the difference between eating at McDonald's and buying tacos from a street vendor, or choosing to purchase a dress made by a local artisan rather than one sold at Walmart.  An important practice of the mindful traveler is to support each destination's local...

Riviera Maya Mindful Travel Tip – Sustainable AI

Posted March 10, 2014 by Kay Walten in Mexico Destinations,Mindful Traveler,Riviera Maya Destinations,Riviera Maya Vacation Tips,Sustainable Tourism

sustianable travel in the Riviera Maya

Hacienda Tres Rios began as an ecological park and then became an all inclusive hotel with sustainability as their goal. The hotel employs a staff trained and certified in sustainable tourism practices, referred to as their "Green Team," and the hotel uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the resort's environmental impact.  This is one resort that walks their talk!  If you want to enjoy eco-luxury on your Mayan Riviera vacation, make it Hacienda Tres Rios. Find out more about...

Cancun Photo of the Day – Isla Blanca, the last frontier

Posted March 6, 2014 by Kay Walten in Cancun Photos,Mexico Destinations,Mindful Traveler

Isla Blanca, Cauncun

Isla Blanca is not actually an island, it is the last wild beachfront in Cancun. There are no glitzy resorts, no paved parking areas and no loud techno music...just the sound of the waves and sweet little coves where you can park your beach chair. Book your Cancun vacation package.

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