Take Part in a Yucatan Dance Tradition – Vaquerias

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Take Part in a Yucatan Dance Tradition - Vaquerias

Participate in a historical dance tradition that is exclusive to the Yucatan. Vaquerias are a religious and economic celebration honoring the patron saint of either a Hacienda or a Yucatan village. The bigger the party, the more money a village or hacienda had. These dances share the sounds of the Jarana orchestra with the sights of Jarana traditional dance. Today, no one has to travel outside Merida to a Hacienda or village to witness a traditional Vaqueria. Every Sunday at 1 p.m. or Monday...

Ideas for your Easter Vacation in Mexico

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Easter in Mexico

Spending the holidays away from home is a wonderful way to introduce new traditions and holiday surprises for the entire family. This experience lets you immerse yourself whole heatedly in a new culture and try on new holiday traditions. Easter in Mexico is celebrated very differently from the North American Easter Bunny holiday. There are some super fun cultural traditions that both kids and adults will love! Semana Santa and Pascua in Mexico Easter in Mexico is the biggest high holiday of...

El Dia de Candelaria – Candle Mass

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El Dia de Candelaria – Candle Mass

If you enjoyed your Rosca de Reyes on January 6 perhaps you were the lucky one to be awarded the task of cooking for El Dia de Candelaria. Candle Mass on February 2 is a mash up of a few religious and indigenous holidays that make this Mexican Holiday interesting. The multicultural lesson mixed with a historical overview of Mexico is fascinating. The tamale dinner served on February 2 is not too shabby either. February 2 - a Global Holiday with lots of cultural nuances So here is the gig....

Traditional Rosca de Reyes Recipe – Kings Day In Mexico

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Tres Reyes Cake

January 6 is Kings Day (El Dia de los Reyes) in Mexico, a long-standing tradition that is deeply rooted in Mexican history. Based on the story of the three wise men, this holiday is when local children open their presents (not Christmas Day) and the Rosca de Reyes sweet bread with hot chocolate is served. The Rosca has a dual purpose. Besides being a glorious buttery flavored sweet bread, inside the bread lies a hidden Baby Jesus. Each slice of the sweet bread is served at dinner with each...

Happy New Year, eat 12 grapes!

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Did you know? A Mexico tradition is to eat of twelve grapes fast along with the twelve chimes of the clock at midnight, to bring luck for each of the months of the upcoming year! We hope to see you on the beach in the Riviera Maya in 2015!

Felicidades from Loco Gringo

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feliznoche buena

Noche Buena: One of the biggest feasts of the holidays Christmas Eve in Mexico is referred to as Noche Buena "Good Night", and is one of the biggest family celebrations of the Christmas season.  Last night church service "Mass of the Rooster" as it was said by the Spaniards that a rooster announced the birth of Jesus.  After church there's a huge family celebration dinner.  Suckling pig is traditional but has been replaced with ham and turkey by many.  The kids stay up and play most of the...

Recipe: Traditional Christmas Punch

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ponche 700 x290

Mexican Christmas "Ponche" Ponche is a traditional drink made at Christmas in Mexico. This recipe which we love is from of one of our favorite cookbooks "Mexico -  The Cookbook" by Margarita Carrillo Arronte. Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time:  40 minutes Serves: 6 6 tejocotes or yellow plums 4 guavas, halved 2 apples, cored and cut into wedges 3 tamarind fruits, seeded 2 pieces of sugar cane, peeled, split into quarters and diced 1 cu. or 150 grams of...

Watch for Riviera Maya and Yucatan runners… slow down

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guadalupe runner

The celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe begins! Starting December 3 running teams from all over the Yucatan take the roads and highways as they begin their run in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The runners take turns running, it is not uncommon to see runners carrying torches and decorated trucks loaded up with the team awaiting their turn.   Please use extra caution as you drive the roads and highways where the runners are, or if traffic is slow, it could be a sign of runners...

Mexico Heart and Soul: The Photographs of Jayne A. Halle

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Mexico Heart and Soul: The Photographs of Jayne A. Halle

On November 22, come enjoy an evening with Jayne Halle and view her incredible photographs of her travels throughout Mexico: “The Faces of Mexico Caught in the Camera’s Lens.” WHEN:  Saturday, November 22, 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. WHERE: Gallery at the Puerto Aventuras Information Center (on the main entrance road) Admission is free but , wine tasting will be available for a nominal charge.  

Lost world to pop world

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Those who think of the Maya as part of the ancient history of the Yucatan Peninsula, should hear Jesús Pat Chablé, or as he prefers to call himself Pat Boy.  This 22-year-old rapper is influencing the Mexican hip-hop scene by writing and raping his songs exclusively in the Mayan language. With 3 albums released and a strong base of fans, Pat Boy is on a mission to resuscitate the indigenous language and bring Mayan culture to a wider audience. Around 750,000 people in Mexico now speak...

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