Mayan Ruin Travel tips – Rent a bike at the Coba Ruins

Renting a bike at the Coba Ruins in the Riviera Maya near Tulum

This is a brilliant way to see the Coba Ruins at any time of the day! For a few dollars you can rent a bike at the entrance to the Coba Ruins and travel this Mayan cultural and historical site on bike! The Coba Ruins is located to the west of Tulum is a significant Mayan Ruin that played an important role in local and international trade when in operation. The site is big and unique. It is estimated that there are over 6500 structures on this site with only a small portion excavated for public viewing. There are great trails that lead to each of the excavated areas and some off the beaten track, unmarked, smaller trails that lead to the lagoon and more!

If you are not up for a physical day, hire a driver who will take you around in a tricycle, a Mexican Triciclo or what they call a Tricitaxi, that can hold 2 adults or 2 adults and child. The drivers will provide you with interesting antidotes and family stories to make your ride more cultural and authentic.

To get to the Coba Ruins, there are public buses from Tulum and Playa del Carmen that run a few times per day, rent a car and have an adventure, or take a well-informed tour to the Ruins with a local tour company. It is all about your comfort level and how you prefer to share your experience. All three options are great options with food included on your tour or many local restaurants around the Ruins to choose from if you travel on your own.

Check out a detailed history about the Coba Ruins before you venture out! For the mindful vacationer, this should not be missed! For the inquisitive traveler, a must!

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