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I absolutely adore my guest today, Marianne Volkmer. Marianne is originally from Cuidad Victoria, Tamaupilas, but is currently living in the Riviera Maya. She is a self-proclaimed child of the world, who loves packing a bag and moving about the planet. In 2007, Marianne decided she wanted to live on the beach. So, when a co-worker invited her to Akumal, she didn’t hesitate. She has lived there for seven years, because she loves the community. She muses that when she first arrived in Akumal, there were only 30 people living in the area, and now there are over 100.

Marianne believes progress is something everybody needs, especially when the area is growing in an organic way. She says it’s ok for people to disconnect while they are here. She thinks it makes people better. You can often find her connecting to nature, and watching the sky and the stars.

Marianne is a reservation specialist for Loco Gringo, and she loves the thought of making people’s vacations better. She enjoys many parts of Mexico, and she knows all the amazing spots.

Her favorite spot in Mexico, besides the Riviera Maya, is an abandoned mining town in Central Mexico, called Real de Catorce. It’s a road trip from Akumal, but well worth the trip. If you like remote areas that are full of culture, Marianne says you must visit. The colonial town includes a cemetery and a cathedral, and is home to the local Huichol people. The Quemado (the burn) is a long walk through the desert, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Although Marianne loves many places in Mexico she prefers to live in the Riviera Maya because of its authenticity and beauty, and that it caters to many different kinds of people.

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