Marcia Bales – Owner of the Mayan Beach Garden Inn, Mahahual

Marcia Bales - Owner of the Mayan Beach Garden Inn, Mahahual

Today my guest is Marcia Bales of the Mayan Beach Garden, a boutique inn located south of the Riviera Maya in Costa Maya. It is approximately 4 ½ hours away from the Cancun airport.


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A New Way of Doing Things

Marcia used to work in the software industry in Seattle. She loved her job but she loved traveling more. She and her husband would travel to Mexico whenever the opportunity presented itself. They loved it so much they started planning their next vacation as soon as they would return to the US. Marcia says they preferred the ‘out of the way places’ and when they arrived in Mexico they would make sure to get away from Cancun as quickly as possible.

They started having conversations about getting their own place. They both liked the idea of the quiet, tranquil destination of Mahahual. Her husband had a dream to build a hotel. He came down early and they officially opened the Mayan Beach Garden in 2002. Marcia recalls those days before the reality of Mexico hit. She says, “like most Americans I thought I would change the world and run my business like an American business”. What she really needed to do was relax and embrace all the beauty Mexico had to offer.

What Activities are there in Mahahual and the Costa Maya?

For Foodies – There are 42 modest restaurants in Mahahual, including the restaurant in the Mayan Beach Garden Inn. The traditional, Caribbean cuisine features dishes that can take all day to achieve the savory flavor. Marcia posts their menu online daily.

For Diving and Snorkeling – There are amazing shore snorkels within walking distance of the Mayan Beach Garden and Mahahual the reef is still pristine with living corals. Local dive shops and boats can be arranged.

For Fishing – The area is laden with lagoons full of tarpon and snook. Bonefishing is close by in Chetumal. Spearfishing near the border of Sian Ka’an is also available. Local guides can help visitors get their Grand Slam.

For Ruins and Museums – An Indiana Jones jungle type experience can be had at Kohunlich and the Dzibanche ruins, which is a huge and active archeological site. The Cultural Museum in Chetumal is a must see.

Marcia’s 3 Secret Places

  • The shipwreck and beach in Tumpalan
  • Rio Indio Fresh Catch Restaurant
  • Mayan Garden Beach Restaurant

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