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Serving up local adventures on a silver platter!

With over 20 years in the Riviera Maya, we have some great adventures to share with you. In days gone by we would pull up a beach chair, crack open a cerveza, and share our adventures over a drink and some guacamole. That was when we communicated with friends up and down the coast on a marine radio! As the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of LocoGringo, it is time to share our travel adventures with all Riviera Maya visitors in a format that is easy to use and easy to share!

Enjoy local travel itineraries and pick the way you like to explore!

We know that visitors have a travel comfort level. Our Loco Adventures outline 3 ways to explore the area and local attractions making sure we hit your comfort level. For the serious adventurer, check out the Do-It-Yourself option where you have direction but flexibility in your day trip. If you want to share your experience with friends, our Go With Friends option is a great way to get out there and test your adventurous spirit with the support of others. If you want to have the experience and expertise of a local guide who will take care of the details and share their stories, Book a Tour is the right choice for you!

No matter where your travel comfort lies, Loco Adventure Itineraries put you in the heart of Mexico’s unique history, environment, and culture that has won the hearts of many. Mexico won our hearts and we want to share how this happened!

Explore Chichen Itza

Find your way to Chichen Itza with LocoAdventures! This travel guide gives you three ways to explore the incredible ruins of Chichen Itza: Do It Yourself Tour, Travel with Friends, or Book a Tour. Each tour will satisfy your sense of adventure and are great for the inquisitive, off-the-beaten track traveler! Our suggestions are based on departures from the Riviera Maya so cruise through and see which plan suits you!


Explore Coba

Loco Advenutes has a Coba travel tour where you can explore Coba three ways! Check out the Do It Yourself Cobá tour, Go with Friends or Book a tour. Each option is easy, and does not require an overly adventurous spirit. The highways to Coba are newly paved and a dream to navigate with only two highways to follow. Our suggestions are based on departures from the Riviera Maya so start planning!


Explore Tulum

Make your Tulum ruin tour as long or as short as you like! This Loco Adventure tour incorporates lots of flexibility and lots of fun! The three travel options, similar to our other Loco Adventure itineraries explore just the Tulum or bring you into the pueblo and beaches of Tulum for more adventure. Whether you are a seasoned or new adventurer there is something for everyone in this Tulum Ruin itinerary.


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