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We have picked a few of our favorite and most useful travel resources that will help you plan your next Riviera Maya vacation. Find cheap flights, local travel guides, cool tools, and maps that will have you traveling like a local. Enjoy, share, and make use of our resources that will take your vacation from a dream to reality!

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Travel Essentials

Local Travel Guides

We have been there, done it, and will share. A large part of what we do at Loco Gringo is share our travel experiences and local favorite places. Our series of travel guides are just that, local guides to popular places that highlight restaurants or locations you will not find in a guide book. Download your copies from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

Airport Transportation – Private Transport Services

Get to your hotel, villa or condo with ease. Private transfers from the Cancun airport are easy to book, and even easier to use. Have someone waiting for you at the airport with a smile, directions to your accommodations, and always some fun stories. Book online in minutes. Hecho!

Airport Transportation – ADO Bus

For day trips, long haul trips or just a ride to a local activity, the ADO bus could be exactly what you are looking for. Big buses, air conditioning, movies and more. Book and print your ticket online, check prices, schedules and destinations. The bus system is a great way to go when exploring the area.

Hertz Rental Cars

Rent your car for a day, a week or month. Hertz has locations throughout the Riviera Maya and honors Hertz reward programs. Book online in minutes, choose from various pick up locations. We have added more car rental agencies in case your Riviera Maya destination does not have one of these brand name offices.

Avis Rental Cars

Avis Rental Car provides the sames service as any international destination. With various locations throughout the Rivera Maya, you are bound to find the type and size of car you are looking for. Pick up your car at the Cancun airport and start exploring. Drop off you car where it is convenient. Same Avis service!

Budget Rental Cars

Okay so we like Budget’s slogan, Get out of the ordinary. Kinda of like us, no? Again another choice for rental cars in the Riviera Maya so you can get out and explore. They honor Budget rewards, you can book online, and they service most major cities in the Riviera Maya.


This option is for US visitor only. If you do not have a cell phone plan that includes calls and texts to Mexico, upi may want to pick up a pay as you go card from T-Mobile. Check with our provider before you leave the US so you do not have to deal with roaming charges, nor do you have to fumble through getting a SIM card from the local cell phone provider Telcel.


This is a second option for a cell phone plan option for US residents only. (To our Canadian and European friends, please chech roaming options with your cell phone provider). Verizon also offers free calls on cell plans or pay as you go SIM cards between Mexico, US and Canada. Make arrangements for a Verizon phone before you arrive in Mexico.

Area Maps

Online state maps, and city paper maps made by our friend MapChick. Mapchick maps are insanely popular as she has carefully laid out restaurants, things to do and places to see on each of her area maps. Have fun with these great tour guides that you can take with you on your excursions! No need for a data plan nor wifi with her tools!

Trip Planning

Loco Gringo Directory

This is our online service, restaurant and activities directory that has tons of resources for each Riviera Maya City. This is a work in constant process as cities change and grow. It is one of the first geo-location resources at your finger tips with the option to speak with our concierge if need be. remember, it is managed by locals!

Free Concierge Services

This is Da Bomb! We have our own concierge at Loco Gringo to help you plan your vacation. And, get this, it is free. Paulina has been living in the Riviera Maya for a decade, so she knows the ins and outs of where to go, what to do, what’s new and which events are on. She is super fun and super helpful. There is little she can not do!

Riviera Maya News, Stories and More

With over 1500 articles about the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Costa Maya, you have lots of information and stories to read written by locals. Whether you are interested in a particular city, activity, area, or historical fact, you will likely find it on the blog. If you want more information sign up for our newsletter for more vacation ideas and deals.

Local Travel Guides Written By Locals

We have written travel guides for many local things to do in the Riviera Maya, guides that highlight local secrets, our favorite itineraries and Interesting historical facts that are not shared through other guide books. Download our guides from either Amazon, Google Play or iTunes and take them with you on your trip!

Ways To Play

This is a collection of all things you can do in the Riviera Maya. Mayan Archeological Sites, Eco Parks, Cenotes, Diving, Snorkeling, and more can be found in our Ways to Play section. Use this as a guide to plan your trip and discover everything there is to see and do on the Mexican Caribbean.

Xcaret Eco Park and More

Xcaret, Xel Ha, Xoximilco and Xplor are ecopark experiences provided by the Xcaret Xperience Company. What we love about these ecoparks and tours is their focus not only on eco-activities but history, Mayan culture and local food. This is a big park experience, but, it is a great introduction to Mexico and the Maya for the entire family.

Rio Secreto Cenote

There are literally hundreds on cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula and not one is better than the others. You need to see at least one during your visit and Rio Secreto makes your cenote visit easy. They provide transportation, tours are good for all ages and abilities, and the cenote they visit is spectacular. Bring a bathing suit and towel while they look after the rest. Book online to check this off your list.

Mayan Ruin Tours

We have done a lot of tours to the Mayan Archeological sites, some very good and some just so so. Our favorite way to tour the ruins is with small groups that love to explore. Paulina, our concierge, has a list of tour operators that are excellent guides and tour planners that manage groups under 14 people. Email her and let her pick the perfect tour for you.

How to Get Here

West and Central United States

Virgin America

Virgin America flies direct from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Cancun. If you have not had the Virgin Airlines experience, you just might want to check them out. eastern US and Europe can fly Virgin Atlantic to Cancun.

Frontier Airline

Frontier flies direct from Denver, Chicago and Pittsburg to Cancun. If you are in the Central US, this might be the best airline for you. Pricing and flight schedule is competitive with other airlines.

Delta Airline

Delta flies from both major cities in the west and the east in the United States to Cancun. Cancun is a major destination for them and can offer some great seat sales.

American Airline

American Airlines flies from all major cities into Cancun. Choose from either direct flights from all major cities or via a connection for less expensive or more remote cities. If you are flying from US west coast, you will have to fly through Dallas. East coast flights are direct from major cities.

Volaris Airline

This Mexican airline is starting to offer flights from the US to Cancun. Their service is good, planes are great, but just check your baggage fees. They regularly have seat sales and you are best to book in advance for great prices.

Interjet Airline

Interjet is another Latin American airline that is offering flights from Los Angeles to Cancun. They have really good service and still offer meals on their flights. This is a popular Latin American choice for flights.

United Airline

For west coast flights offered through United, you can fly direct from San Francisco, or fly with a connection through Houston for other west coast cities in the US

Southwest Airline

Southwest flies from west coast central US cities to Cancun. Be prepared for a stop over en route as there are few if any direct flights from the west coast or central US.

Spirit Airline

Spirit Airlines is cheap and cheerful. There are few if any direct flight from the west coast to Cancun. They are inexpensive but do have lots of extra fees.

Eastern United States

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic flies direct from Western Europe and the east coast of the US. Lots of flights, good service. Lots of great flying choices.

Jet Blue

Cheap and cheerful flights with direct and indirect flights from the east coast US. Check their baggage and seat fees to ensure you are surprised by any further costs to your ticket.

Spirit Airline

Spirit airlines has few if any direct flights from the east coast US to Cancun. Check baggage fees and seat fees before you book. They do have a good rewards and membership program.

Delta Airline

Delta offers direct and indirect flights from the US, east coast. Lots of choices for flights and different price points depending on how you want to travel.

United Airline

United Airlines has various flight options to Cancun from the east coast of the US. Fly direct or indirect. If you are a veteran take advantage of their Veterans Program that offers a 5% discount for US and Canadian Veterans.

American Airline

American Airlines has various flight options, both direct and indirect, from the east coast in the US.


WestJet Airline

WestJet is a popular Canadian airline that offers many flight options throughout Canada to Cancun. Large Canadian cities offer a few flights per day on WestJet. Baggage fees apply, seats can be booked for free 24 hours before departure.

Air Canada

Air Canada has various direct and indirect flight from Canada to Cancun. Competitive prices with WestJet, and most flights are direct from major Canadian cities. Baggage rules apply and seat selection is free 24 hours before you fly.

Cheap Flights


DoHop is a cheap flight portal that searches flight from anywhere in the world to Cancun. Double check your flight options with Dohop to make sure you are getting the best price, or the best flight to Cancun.

Cheap Air

Cheap Air only has flights from the US to Cancun. It is another good place to check for cheap airfare and the best priced flight from your US departing city. Serves all US states and cities.

Travel Books and Apps

Loco Gringo Library

We have put together some of our favorite reads and cook books that relate to the Yucatan Peninsula. History, recipe books, fiction and non fiction, all focusing on the Maya, the region and the culture. We even put in some of your favorite home design books!

Spanish Translator iPhone App

This Spanish Translator for your iPhone will come in handy at some point during your travels. Whether you are staying in a Riviera Maya where English is spoken by most, or traveling through the Yucatan Peninsula, having this app as back up could just come in handy. Type or talk option for translations.

Spanish Translator Android App

If you are an Android user, this Spanish translator that uses both text and talk functions, is a great back up aid when traveling through Mexico. English is spoken by many, and some hotel staff speak multiple languages, but have a back up just in case.

XE Currency Converter App for iPhone and Android

Download the XE currency converter for your iPhone or your Android phone to help you easily convert from dollars or Euros to Mexican Pesos. Things just might be less expensive than one thinks, which works to your advantage each and every time. iPhone App download or Android App Download.

Other Bits and Pieces

Podcasts – Local information about the Riviera Maya, Yucatan, and Costa Maya

We started our Podcasts in April 2016 with a focus on locals who want to share their favorite places, tell their story, and just spread the good news about the Riviera Maya. Listen to episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, Android devices and Tunein. Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss anything!

We are on Facebook – Connect with Us

Over 15,000 fans and counting! Like us on Facebook so you can see the latest news, vacation deals, vacation accommodations and more! This is a great place to connect with us and other Loco Gringo Friends.

Share your Vacation and Travel Photos on Instagram

Create some travel envy on Instagram! Love our latest photos and videos. Check up on what we might be doing any day of the week as we live la vida loca!

KKIS – Keep Kids In School

Keep Kids in School is a great way to help the community, and make a difference in the life of a child. Whether you want to volunteer, donate school supplies or help kids with their English, KISS is a great organization to get involved with.

Coco’s Animal Welfare

Coco’s Animal Welfare has lots of half or full day volunteer opportunities during your vacation. If you want to meet a new community or just make your vacation count, Coco’s is a great place to make a difference. Their focus is Trap, Spay, Neuter and Release and Adoptions. If you just want to donate, you can do that here.

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