Riviera Maya photo of the day – ancestral heritage

Posted February 4, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexican Culture,Riviera Maya Photos

Celebrating ancestral heritage in the Riviera Maya

Part of what makes the Riviera Maya a glorious place to live and visit is the mix of contemporary, ancestral and Mexican history. The Riviera Maya as a tourist destination is quite young compared to other destinations in Mexico. Having new visitors to the area year and after year is a great way to share the diverse history of Mexico as a country, the rich history of the area and the contemporary stories that have made the Riviera Maya a place on the map. Mayan stories and heritage play a...

Tulum travel tip – car reservations and transportation

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Tulum ariel view and beach road photo

  Are you heading to Tulum for your Valentine's Day weekend? Or are you in the midst of your Tulum vacation planning and are not sure what to do about transportation. We admit, we prefer to have a car in Tulum as the city is spread out and requires a vehicle if you want to explore. Depending on where you are staying, you may be happy with a bicycle, or walking but know the lay of the land first. Many hotels in Tulum are either down the beach road or out of town. This could mean a 10 km...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – love the beach

Posted February 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Photos

February in the Riviera Maya

February is love month in the Riviera Maya and what a better way to start it off but with this great saying! Salty kisses can only be had on the beach by the ocean, sandy toes are best with soft white sand that does not get hot at any time of the day. Romance is about a feeling, a passion and pleasure. This says it all, and the Riviera Maya beaches have it all! Don't know the sensational beaches of the Riviera Maya? Check out photos of some of the best beaches in North America, all 200 kms...

Love at the beach in the Riviera Maya – February is love month!

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love on the beach photo in the Riviera Maya

We are torn, it is love at the beach in the Riviera Maya or is it loving the beach in the Riviera Maya. We admit it is both as we love, love, love the beaches in the Riviera Maya and know that there is always love at the beach in the Riviera Maya. February is the month of love, and love can mean many different things to different people. Instead of pinpointing one February love we looked at all of the lovin' that is had at our front doorstep, and believe you me there is a lot of...

Akumal vacation tip – do it beachside

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Akmual in the Riviera Maya, you next vacation destination

  Akumal is south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos but north of Tulum. It is home to hundreds of turtles that live close to the beach and can be viewed on a snorkel adventure right from the shore. Most villa rentals and hotels are on the beach, but if you choose to vacation in Akumal, make sure you reserve beachside. The beach is the main the attraction and center of Akumal activities. Restaurants can be walked to via the beach, new friends made on the beach and most...

Akumal photo of the day! It is all about the small stuff

Posted January 31, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Riviera Maya Destinations

hibiscus flowers of Mexico in the riviera maya

  Have you ever seen something so glorious? The Hibiscus flower known in Spanish as the Jamaica Flower, is one of the native flower species of the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Mexico! Pretty to look at and very good for you, Hibiscus flowers are great for your health when prepared as a fresh water or tea. If you walk into any grocery store, you will find bags of dried hibiscus flowers that are boiled with water and a bit of sugar, the flowers are drained out once the water has simmered for...

Playa del Carmen photo of the day! Fruit ladies!

Posted January 30, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexican Culture,Riviera Maya Photos

Playa del Carmen fruit ladies at the Cozumel pier

  The fruit ladies in Playa del Carmen have been at the ferry pier selling fresh tropical fruit since we arrived 20 years ago. As Playa developed so have the fruit ladies carts, their fruit options and the variety that they offer. Every day, all day, the fruit ladies cut fresh mango, coconut, papaya, oranges and mandarins, melon and more for people going to the ferry, people coming off the Cozumel ferry and people hanging on the beach at the bottom of Juarez Ave. If you are looking for...

Riviera Maya vacation tips- after sun or after too much sun relief

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after sun products you can use on your riviera maya vacation

I am not a product gal nor are we a product company, but when you find something good, I am really really good, I love to share. I will say up front that this is not a sponsored blog post, it is my opinion made from years of use. There are two wonderful after sun products that I love. I am sharing this as I think that this question is one of the most asked questions we get. The first product is a local product that many small businesses carry. Mayan clay is a natural clay product that you can...

Riviera Maya photo of the day! This could be your view!

Posted January 29, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations,Riviera Maya Photos

perfect ocean in the Rivera Maya

  Imagine, a beach this white with water this blue, all yours for 7 days to watch, listen to and play in. Whether you are a beach lover or an adventurer, the 200 km of beach in the Riviera Maya does not deviate that much from this photo. 200 kms of blue ocean, incredible sand with your name just written all over it. Okay back to reality! Incredible isn't it? And we call ourselves Locogringo...I think we are actually Supersmartgringos who know how to plan a lifestyle in one of the most...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Public transport is the way to travel

Posted January 28, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

Riviera maya travel tips take the collectivo

The days of chicken buses and hitch hiking are gone along the coast, though you will still see hitch hikers on the beach road in Tulum getting rides into town. Hello fancy air conditioned vans and big massive buses with television, movies, and in some cases on bus beverage service. Public transportation rocks for those quick trips, or even not so quick trips making the entire Yucatan easy to get around and open for all to see. We currently are a one car family and if I am going to Merida or...

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