Riviera Maya photo – Efficiency at its best

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Relax. That is what a vacation is all about right. Recharge your batteries, recharge your mind, take a break and renew yourself.

There are days when you see interesting things in the Riviera Maya and the piñata man is no exception. After a double take and little smile, our comment was, that man is efficient and resourceful. After 20 years of living in the Riviera Maya, there are some days where we still do a double take when we see something out of the ordinary. Funny enough we are noticing that we get a double take when others witness the Locogringos doing something out of the ordinary. The exception is the norm...

Riviera Maya travel tip – Grocery shopping options

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grocery shopping in the Riviera Maya

  If you are looking for great fresh local produce, meat and more here are some great tips for grocery shopping in the Riviera Maya. Some cities have more options than others, with Playa del Carmen having the most options for grocery shopping. What we love to do is scout out interesting day trips for local produce that takes us to places we might have otherwise not ventured to. What you will also find is that different locations have different food options. In Valladolid at the...

How to recycle on your Riviera Maya vacation

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recycling in the Riviera maya

We all like to do the right thing, and part of the right thing, right now is to recycle as much of your waste as you can no matter where you are in the world. Plastic, paper, cans, organic waste and more can be put to good use if you know how to dispose of your garbage thoughtfully. For many Americans and Canadians, garbage separation and recycling is a way of life. You separate your garbage, put it on the curb and the city will take your recycled garbage and dispose of it for you. In Mexico,...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – Relax on vacation

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Relaxing beach vacations in the Riviera Maya

This photo speaks for itself. Relax. That is what a vacation is all about right. Recharge your batteries, recharge your mind, take a break and renew yourself. If you are looking for a super charged vacation that makes you more tired than when you arrived, the Riviera Maya may not be your place. If you are looking for a relaxing, lazy, unique destination that will open your eyes and mind to new ideas, new views, new people and new food, then you have your place. Check out some of the...

Valladolid travel tips – Calle Frailes, the Friar’s Street

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Calle Friales in Vallidolidid, Yucatan, the new artists street to watch

Valladolid is known for is Church in the main Zocalo, but Calle Frailes, the Friar's Street is one of the most beautiful streets we have seen in a while. This street is full of Spanish Architecture and is a short row of houses (now Shops) on both sides of the street. After careful restoration, the street is beautiful and soon to be the next artisans street for local artists. The owner of Coqui-Coqui in Tulum has a perfume shop on this street that leads to the Convent, and a tequila store is...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – Help us maintain our environment

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Preserve the Riviera Maya with sustainable tourism and sustainable development

We truly beleive that local is where you are today, so when on vacation or traveling through the Riviera Maya, it is important to sustain our beaches, cities and environments! Sustainable development and sustainable tourism is a step in the right direction. The more vacationers and travelers request these services the more options there will be. It is great to see more people biking again, more people investigating the culture and natural environment of the Riviera Maya. As appreciation and...

Riviera Maya travel Tips – Ways to play in the ocean

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ways to play in the Riviera maya ocean activities

The ocean is the focus in the Riviera Maya but if you do not live by water, it can seem like a big playing field without directions. The ocean is a playground and there lots of things to do and experience in beautiful blue pool! 1. Jump waves - the nice thing about the waves in the Riviera Maya is that they are not big so anyone can jump waves, body surf or play in the Caribbean. You can spend hours on a windy day playing in the waves making this a great workout. 2. Snorkel. Guided tours...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – poster child for the real Mexico

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cute mexican little girl that is a part of the sustainable tourism loop in the Riviera maya

We love this photo! A super cute Mexican little girl who we think reflects the true Mexican culture. Ditch your vision of the man sitting on the street with the sombrero. This little girl is the Mexico that we know and love. Her smile is a killer, her joy abundant. Mexican culture is a fun-loving culture that takes pride in community, laughter and fun. It has taken us a few years to understand the continued jokes and pranks that Mexicans like to play on each other. It is a sign of joy and love...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – ecotourism at it best!

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How great are these Mexican accents in this well designed ocean front hacienda. I find it dreamy, respectful and a great use of vintage tools found in the Yucatan.

Scattered throughout the Riviera Maya are cenotes (say-note-tays) that are naturally formed sink holes holding a fresh water source. If you are looking for an adventure and your own DIY sustainable tour, cenotes are the best way to go! Throughout the Riviera Maya are privately owned cenotes that can be entered for a small fee. Bring your bathing suit, a snack or lunch, snorkeling gear and enjoy the day going between sun, water and jungle. The fresh water in the cenote is clear as bell, most...

Riviera Maya Mindful Traveler – The ocean, cenotes & lagoons

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ariel photo of the riviera maya locogringo

  Mindful travelers and Mindful vacationers can recycle, reduce and reuse on land, but what about the ocean, the cenotes, the lagoons of the Riviera Maya? With over 73% of the planet housing bodies of water, having some back pocket ideas on how to treat the oceans mindfully is a great way to travel lightly while on vacation in the Riviera Maya. We think of the Caribbean as our backyard, the place where we play, dine, hang out with friends and build many of our memories. Our impact...

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