Family Beach Vacations in the Riviera Maya- Memories that last

Posted April 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Family vacations

family vacation in the Riviera Maya are sure to build lasting memories

  When I get together with my family, the conversation always seem to direct itself to memories of a family vacation. As kids we took a lot of road trips, in a van, or with a camper, or in the station wagon. Summers and spring break were spent driving locally, through the US to unique and interesting places. In the 70's that was the best most families could do, pack up the car, load in a cooler, and drive. We camped, we did not stay in hotels as that would have been way to much money....

Riviera Maya photo of the day – this is what we know

Posted March 29, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexican Culture,Riviera Maya Destinations,Sustainable Tourism

Riviera Maya vacations are a stepping stone to many different activities and adventures

The Riviera Maya is a stepping stone to learning more about Mexico. The beaches are beautiful, the people attentive and friendly. Your Riviera Maya vacation, like our first Riviera Maya vacation, is a path and window into a land of adventure, a land of new experiences and a land of endless things to do. There are many surprises and lots of treasures. Try the beach our first, then venture out and find out about the real Riviera Maya, the jungle, the communities, the people, the traditions....

Playa del Carmen Travel Tips – Live Music on and off the beach

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live music in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen

For all of the live music fans out there, Playa del Carmen has some great beach bars that play live music. If the beach is not where you want to be when checking out some local musicians, 5th Ave also has a few places where you can listen live pop, rock and the blues. Beach bars with Live music Wah Wah Beach Bar - located on 2nd street and the beach, this is a favorite hangout for many visitors and locals. Great music by the Nasty Bastards (who actually own the bar) and guest musicians...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – just pretty

Posted March 28, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations

bungalow in the Rivera Maya mexico

This photo is just pretty. The cabana is painted beautifully, you can see the fringe of the palapa roof. The door is wood, the windows are aluminum. Nothing matches, it is not big but it reminds me of Mexico. It is pretty, it is beautiful. It is a reflection of how people care. It is The Riviera Maya as we know and love it. A community of different cultures that all get along, happily. Check out the Riviera Maya as a unique destination for vacationers and travelers.

Riviera Maya travel tips – Shopping on the Coba Road

Posted March 27, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexican Culture,Mexico Vacation Tips

shopping on the Coba road in the riviera Maya

If you are heading to the Coba Ruins, you most likely will hit the Coba Road that starts at the 307 highway in Tulum and head west to the round about that takes you to the final leg to the Coba Ruins. The Coba Road is a great shopping excursion where you will find unique stores not found in the towns and cities located in the Riviera Maya. Artisans have opened stores along this road so that tour buses, travelers and adventurers can do a bit of shopping on route to the Coba Ruins. Pop in,...

Tulum photo of the day – a Tulum archive photo

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This is such a wonderful vacation photo of a young child and his father relaxing on the beach without a care in the world. This is what it means to be relaxed

This is an old Tulum photo but not much has changed at the beach cross roads. Before the internet this is how visitors found their hotel, a maze of signs at the end of road leading from the highway. The signs are still there, not all hotels are represented but the signs are a part of the Tulum hotel beach road culture. This is something that will never go away! Check out Tulum beach hotels and see if there is a Tulum hotel that just seems to be calling your name!

Akumal photo of the day – playing on the beach

Posted March 26, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

Playing on the beach in Akumal

We could not resist! This is such a wonderful vacation photo of a young child and his father relaxing on the beach without a care in the world. This is what it means to be relaxed, this is what a beach vacation is all about. Both are doing what they want to do, the young boy burying his dad in the sand and a father reading and relaxing without a care in the world. That could be you! Really it could be you. Check out the beaches in the Riviera Maya and decide if a beach vacation is just what...

Playa del Carmen Travel Tips – Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate

Posted March 25, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Mexico Vacation Tips

bean to bar chocolate in Playa del Carmen

Now this caught our eye. Just before Christmas, only to be discovered by us after the holiday season, is a new chocolate shop that makes bean to bar chocolate. Not only are the chocolates super pretty, but they taste great! The chocolates are filled with unique flavors like horchata, tequila, chipotle, jamaica, and they have a 100% cacao truffle that Cocoa Craft Chocolate Maker is a husband and wife team that make their chocolate from scratch, yup, straight from...

Yucatan photo of the day – hand-made ceremonial dresses

Posted by Kay Walten in Mexican Art,Mexican Culture,Sustainable Tourism

Traditional Yucatecan dress for parties, dancing and ceremonies

These young girls are dressed in the Yucatan ceremonial dresses called a Terno, which is a bit more elaborate than the daily dress called “huipil“worn by Yucatec woman on a day-to-day basis. The difference is the three layers the girls are wearing, the jubón is a short, fully embroidered, square-necked blouse worn over the huipil. The Huipil is made of silk and is the secondary layer that has a lace bottom, and thirdly the fustán which is a third and final layer acting as a lace...

Mayan Ruin Travel tips – Rent a bike at the Coba Ruins

Posted March 22, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mayan Ruins,Mexico Vacation Tips

Renting a bike at the Coba Ruins in the Riviera Maya near Tulum

This is a brilliant way to see the Coba Ruins at any time of the day! For a few dollars you can rent a bike at the entrance to the Coba Ruins and travel this Mayan cultural and historical site on bike! The Coba Ruins is located to the west of Tulum is a significant Mayan Ruin that played an important role in local and international trade when in operation. The site is big and unique. It is estimated that there are over 6500 structures on this site with only a small portion excavated for public...

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