Riviera Maya Destination Wedding tip – make it cultural and fun

Posted March 4, 2013 by Kay Walten in Destination Weddings

Riviera Maya destination weddings and free ebook download

The Mexican culture is a DIY culture so talk to your wedding planner and see what they can do to make your wedding spectacular but infused with a cultural flare. It is a shame not to use the color, the culture, the unique artistic influences of the area to create not just a destination wedding but a spectacular destination wedding. Forget the Sombreros and cheesy travel trinkets you can buy on 5th Ave, find some unique displays of Mexican art, Mexican folk art and Mexican symbolism to make...

Tulum Travel Tip – getting to the Tulum Ruins

Posted March 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mayan Ruins,Mexican Culture,Riviera Maya Destinations

aerialview of the tulum ruins in the Riviera Maya

There are many ways to get to the Tulum Ruins no matter where you are traveling from (or to) in the Riviera Maya. 1. Check out a tour if you are just not sure. Tour prices can range from $45 usd to over $100 usd depending on what is included and if you combine the Tulum Ruins with another activity or Mayan ruin site. These tours will normally pick you up at your hotel and drop you off directly so there is no need to navigate the area if you don't want to. 2. Take the Collectivo (public vans)...

What is sustainable travel and a mindful traveler?

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Benefits of being a mindful traveler in the Riviera Maya

For 20 years we have been mindful travelers in the Rivera Maya. Our passion has been to share our unique experiences with others out of love for the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and the Yucatan. It seems that more and more people are looking for experiences such as these to enrich not only their vacation but themselves. Our continued intention is to share more of our mindful travel experiences and highlight the activities in the Riviera Maya that follow the beliefs of a mindful traveler. What...

Tulum photo of the day – Tulum beach fun

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Tulum local beach photo with a boat and children

If you ever wondered what Tulum beach was like for locals who live in the town of Tulum. Here is a great photo that shows kids playing in a boat that was brought up to shore. Tulum life is simple and simple pleasures is what makes life in this popular beach vacation spot. Unlike other resort and vacation towns, Tulum is a wonderful mix of residents and visitors. As a city, Tulum has made a conscious effort to ensure that the local community remains a priority while tourism develops. The town of...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – loving life on the beach

Posted February 28, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations,Riviera Maya Photos

Riviera maya vacations are full of great love, romance and dreams

February is coming to a close but that does not mean the love has to stop. Living in the Riviera Maya lets us love life every day, in many different ways, with many different people. As a vacation destination, it gives you a bit of a love break, whether it is February, July, October or December. The love does not stop because Valentine's Day is over. The love just continues, how could it not. White sandy beaches, blue Caribbean water, Great people, great friends, great food and above all a...

Playa del Carmen photo of the day – Destination weddings

Posted February 27, 2013 by Kay Walten in Destination Weddings

destination weddings and churches in the riviera maya

This church has to be one of the sweetest buildings with the most spectacular view of the Caribbean. I am fond of the Catholic churches located throughout the Yucatan, though I am not fond of the history. The Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Carmen is overlooking the beach at the end of Av. Juarez and is associated to the main church on 15th Ave. Unlike other churches, this has got to take the cake for location, size and the view. For those looking for a religious ceremony this could be the...

Riviera Maya travel tip – Find your place and enjoy

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What is so cool about vacationing in the Riviera Maya is that you can make a choice, to be with people or not to be with people. The beaches along the coast can be populated with lots of people to talk to, share experiences, travel stores and restaurant tips. But if you are needing some time away from it all, over 75% of the beaches are not populated! There are more areas that are free of other people than not, you just need to take a walk, or small drive. The coast of the Riviera Maya is...

Playa del Carmen photo of the day – Chocolate, coffee and more!

Posted February 26, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Riviera Maya Photos

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The sweet craving has continued so the break today was a great coffee with some chocolate in Playa del Carmen! Ah Cacao is a one of those places where we have a pact. If you go, bring back treats for others! The coffee and chocolate menu is pretty extensive, the treats, well, they speak for themselves. Brownies, ice cream, chocolates, banana loaf, croissants, chocolate croissants, cheesecake, and more! Wash it all down with a super creamy latte or if you feel like some great Mexican hot...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – satisfy that sweet craving

Posted February 25, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Riviera Maya Photos


There is something about sitting at the computer and looking out on the Caribbean that can get your sweet tooth going. Okay, some days any scene can get the sweet tooth going and today was one of those days! So off to the store I went and gathered some of my favorite Rivera Maya candies to eat while I work on the computer, look out at the Caribbean and just enjoy the day. When visiting a new country or heading back to old territory, it is always fun to check out the candies indigenous to...

Riviera Maya travel tip – cool sustainable art and jewelry

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Art found in the Riviera Maya from recycled material, sustainable art and local artists

One thing that we love about Mexico and the Riviera Maya is the vast selection of artists who love to create new art out of recycled materials. The other day we found this 'not for sale' chandelier in a local store that uses beer bottles and recycled metal in the creation of this super cool sustainable lamp. It is functional art that if we had the chance, would have bought it for the house! Local artists and their shops are located throughout the Riviera Maya, with some stores searching out...

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