Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Spanish Guitar – Passionate music

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No one can deny the passion heard in Spanish guitar playing. As part of Mexico's heritage, Spanish guitar can be enjoyed throughout the Yucatan. Live music is everywhere in Riviera Maya. Stroll down 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen day or night, check the entertainment schedule at Lol Ha in Akumal, beach bar hop in Tulum - you will surely find musicians sharing their passion for music. Find live music in the Riviera Maya. Photo by Scott Brown

Riviera Maya Passionate Travel Tip – Grill Maya style with banana leaves.

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Passionate about grilling? Then you probably plan on firing up the grill during your Riviera Maya vacation. Pick up some banana leaves and twine at any supermarket and wrap your fish, chicken or beef Maya style to keep in juices and add a unique flavor. If wrapped tightly, the leaves will hold a marinade in while it is on the grill. When you pull dinner off the grill, you can eat right out of the leaves. No need to dirty dishes or use paper plates! Read about some of the local foods we have...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Maya Ball Court – An ancient passion

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You have heard of sports fanatics, called "fanatics" because of their crazy passion for competition. The ancient Maya felt the same way about Pok-ta-Pok, the Mayan ball game that was played on a stone court just like this one found at the Coba ruins. Sometimes a single game went on for days, often ending in the execution of the loser...and you thought soccer fans were passionate. Read more about the Coba ruins. Photo by Scott Brown

Akumal Photo of the Day – Hekab Be – A haven for kids

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Hekab Be, also known as the Akumal Library, is a charity close to our hearts. This is a place where local kids can go to get help with their homework, participate in Summer activities or just hang out in a safe place after school. These boys volunteered in a car wash fundraiser to keep their beloved library open. Read about Akumal's Comedy Festival, an annual fundraiser.

Passionate Travel Tip – Volunteering – A passion for others.

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Donating an hour or an entire day of your vacation can add so much to your travel experience. Volunteering will bring you closer to the people in the community and give you an understanding about your destination you did not have before. Whatever your passion, people, animals, environment, there is a Riviera Maya charity where you can make a difference and take home a vacation memory that you will never forget. Read about charities we are passionate about.

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Exploring the Ancient Canals of Sian Kaan

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Sian-Kaan-mayan canals that show old routes

Though you can't see her face, you can sense the intensity and the passion in this photo of a traveler leaning toward the bow of the boat while touring the ancient Mayan waterways of the Sian Kaan Biosphere. She must feel the way an early explorer once felt when discovering these canals for the first time. Riviera Maya has so many unspoiled places to discover, the Sian Kaan Bioreserve is only the beginning. Find your dream vacation home in the Sian Kaan.

Put Passion into Your Travels

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Usually the question travelers ask when deciding on a vacation destination is "Where?" but perhaps for the passionate traveler the question should be "Why?" Why are you attracted to a particular destination? What is it about you that draws you to a place? Sometimes people will choose a destination because of airfare deals or because a friend or relative lives there. Or perhaps reviews and ratings of a particular place were really high last year..."Top 10 Places to See" or "Top 10 Cheapest...

Riviera Maya Passionate Travel Tip – Picnics – Rewarding and cheap!

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Have a picnic on the beach in the Riviera Maya

One of my best vacation dining memories is the sunny afternoon I spent eating a simple pimento cheese sandwich while sitting in Kelvingrove Park in Scotland. I sat next to the Stewart Memorial Fountain while listening to a live Celtic band. It was one of my most authentic travel experiences - and it was absolutely free. I was not in a fancy restaurant that served up gourmet meals, but I felt like I was doing what any Scottish local would do on their lunch break. The Riviera Maya has...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Akumal Cannons

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cannons-in-akumal Mexico

Is there anything more passionate than young, romantic love? These cannons are the location of many destination weddings and beach vacations in the Riviera Maya. Akumal Beaches rate high on the romance scale.  A couple's first getaway should be filled with passion for each other and a passion for the destination. Sexy sunsets, exotic locations, deserted beaches, sumptuous food...the Riviera Maya was made for lovers. Check out our Riviera Maya escapes made just for two. Photo by Scott...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Fly fishing – A true passion.

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Tom Brokow once said, "If fishing is religion, then fly fishing is high church." If you know a fly fisherman or you are a fly fisherman you know these guys (and some gals) are crazy passionate about their anglin'.  Especially those who venture deep into the freshwater and brackish estuaries of the Sian Kaan Bioreserve where therein lies the coveted "Grand Slam" (bonefish, tarpon and permit caught the same day) and "Super Slam" (bonefish, tarpon, permit and snook caught the same day). Book...

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