Riviera Maya Travel Tip – Visit the sea animals at the Puerto Aventuras Marina. Its Free!!

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Marine animals in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

The Puerto Aventuras Marina in the Riviera Maya has a small menagerie of sea creatures that you can visit for free! Most tourists already know about the dolphins and often stop to watch the show, but only a few continue walking all the away around the marina to find that sting ray, manatee and seals are waiting to greet you too, so grab an ice cream and take a stroll around the marina to meet some of Puerto Aventuras' locals. Check out some of our Riviera Maya vacation rentals. Photo by...

Ancient Waterways of the Sian Kaan Biosphere

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Ancient canals in Sian Kaan

This month we are celebrating all the bodies of water in the Riviera Maya, and inside the Sian Kaan Biosphere lies one of the most fascinating water features in all of Mexico, the maritime canals of the ancient Maya.  1,200 years ago the early Maya hand dredged a trade route between the cities of Tulum and Muyil thus linking Muyil, a village with a land locked lake located 12 kilometers inland, to the Caribbean Sea. The route stretches over 20 kilometers and winds through lagoons and mangrove...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Love as endless as the sea

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Destination beach weddings

June is the wedding month. It is also National Oceans Month. Bring the two together and you have a romantically symbolic setting for a destination wedding. With all the villas and vendors available at your fingertips, planning your Mexican Caribbean ceremony can be as easy as a piece of wedding cake.  Looking at this photo, is it any wonder why the Riviera Maya is one of the top destination wedding venues in the world? Simplicity, natural beauty, eternity... Check out some of our wedding...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Akumal Bay at Dusk

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Akumal Bay, Riviera Maya, Mexico

When the beach goers have all gone and there is nothing left but a few fishing boats floating quietly after a day's work and the sun setting over the jungle, Akumal Bay turns into a serene painting anyone would want to step into. This little Riviera Maya seaside town has changed very little throughout the years. I hope it retains its quaint quality on this ever changing coast. Check out some getaways located on Akumal Bay. Photo by Scott Brown

Puerto Morelos Travel Tip – El Nicho restaurant for brunch

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If you are like me, you want to sleep late on your vacation and eat your breakfast too. El Nicho on the square in Puerto Morelos is still serving their delicious breakfast menu well into the afternoon. Chef Pablo, who used to teach at The Little Mexican Cooking School and had his own critically acclaimed restaurant in Canada, has opened a quaint cafe serving breakfast and lunch... and boy is it good! We LOVE the Eggs Benedict Palta with avocado, bacon and cilantro mojo - YUM! Learn more...

Yucatan vacation tip – inland water pools for cooling off

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Mexico-Valladolid-Cenote-Zaci-in the yucatn for great water experiences

The draw to the Riviera Maya is the beaches, the sea, the amazing blue water and the fun filled week that centers around this main attraction. The Yucatan has inland waters that are just as blue, just as crystal clear and just as fun. The cenotes are the focus of each Yucatan village. Villages and cities settled around a water source, the source of life. In any yucaton village or city is a cenote and they are the center of water fun on those hot tropical days and nights. When visiting the...

Akumal photo of the day – the sea is your best friend

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akumal photo of the day living it up in the ocean

Now this is a great photo! On those hot tropical days in Akumal and the Riviera Maya, sometimes this is the way to live. Clever for sure and not damaging a thing! Look at the clarity of the water in this photo, the white sand and the amount of fun this small group of Riviera Maya vacationers are having. This could be you, and it could be you soon! Check out some great Akumal villa rentals on the beach and duplicate this photo on your next Riviera Maya vacation!

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Coatimundi, the Yucatan Raccoon

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Coatimundi Live on the Yucatan Peninsula

Don't be surprised if you come across one, or a pack, of these guys while visiting the Riviera Maya. Coatimundi are cousins of the raccoon and they are everywhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. They make their home in the jungle, but are known to forage the occasional garbage can.  Coatimundi are generally docile, but best to keep your distance because they have long claws and sharp teeth they won't hesitate to use if they feel threatened. Although, feel free to take photos as they don't seem to...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – purified water delivered to your door

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akumal photo of the day living it up in the ocean

I was having my water delivered today and thought it would make a fun post. In case anyone has any question about the purity of drinking water in Mexico, this is how your water is delivered and how it is packaged to ensure save drinking water for your vacation villa or vacation condo. The large jugs are called 'garafons' and can be delivered to your villa or if you want a real local experience, you just trek down to the local store and exchange your empty garafon for a new one. Remember to take...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – try a new water sport in the Riviera Maya

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SUP boarding in the Riviera maya

Ever had a dream to learn how to dive, learn to kiteboard, learn to snorkel well or try the new surf sport SUP boarding? Why not give it one of these watersports a try in the Rivera Maya. With calm waters, shallow shores, clear blue water, and great instructors, you could find your next passion for a water sport. Instructors from all over the world come to the Riviera Maya to teach visitors and locals their favorite water sport. Some of the best instructors are local, as they have been...

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