Akumal photo of the day – the sea is your best friend

Posted June 14, 2013 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Destinations

akumal photo of the day living it up in the ocean

Now this is a great photo! On those hot tropical days in Akumal and the Riviera Maya, sometimes this is the way to live. Clever for sure and not damaging a thing! Look at the clarity of the water in this photo, the white sand and the amount of fun this small group of Riviera Maya vacationers are having. This could be you, and it could be you soon! Check out some great Akumal villa rentals on the beach and duplicate this photo on your next Riviera Maya vacation!

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Coatimundi, the Yucatan Raccoon

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Coatimundi Live on the Yucatan Peninsula

Don't be surprised if you come across one, or a pack, of these guys while visiting the Riviera Maya. Coatimundi are cousins of the raccoon and they are everywhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. They make their home in the jungle, but are known to forage the occasional garbage can.  Coatimundi are generally docile, but best to keep your distance because they have long claws and sharp teeth they won't hesitate to use if they feel threatened. Although, feel free to take photos as they don't seem to...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – purified water delivered to your door

Posted June 13, 2013 by LocoGringo in Mexican Culture,Riviera Maya Photos

akumal photo of the day living it up in the ocean

I was having my water delivered today and thought it would make a fun post. In case anyone has any question about the purity of drinking water in Mexico, this is how your water is delivered and how it is packaged to ensure save drinking water for your vacation villa or vacation condo. The large jugs are called 'garafons' and can be delivered to your villa or if you want a real local experience, you just trek down to the local store and exchange your empty garafon for a new one. Remember to take...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – try a new water sport in the Riviera Maya

Posted June 12, 2013 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Photos

SUP boarding in the Riviera maya

Ever had a dream to learn how to dive, learn to kiteboard, learn to snorkel well or try the new surf sport SUP boarding? Why not give it one of these watersports a try in the Rivera Maya. With calm waters, shallow shores, clear blue water, and great instructors, you could find your next passion for a water sport. Instructors from all over the world come to the Riviera Maya to teach visitors and locals their favorite water sport. Some of the best instructors are local, as they have been...

Riviera Maya photo of the day – Hogfish in the Caribbean

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oceans in the riviera maya hogfish

There are three places you will see the hogfish in the Riviera Maya, diving in the sea, snorkeling in the sea and cooked on a plate at a local restaurant! The hogfish, known in spanish as a 'Boquinetta' is an indigenous fish to the Mexican Caribbean and a popular one! They are great to see in the ocean in their natural habitat and can be identified by their large front teeth (no they don't bite) and spiny backs when you get too close. Being a fishing area, the Riviera Maya restaurants think of...

Sian Ka’an photo of the day – lagoons and sea

Posted June 11, 2013 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Destinations

Sian Ka'an photo of the sea and lagoons -Riviera maya

This is why we love where we live and why millions of people come to the Riviera Maya for vacation. The pristine beauty of this Sian Ka'an photo tell it all. This photo is a small portion of the 1.3 millionacre Sian Ka'an biosphere, a UNESCO park and one of the most beautiful areas! WE snorkel in the Sian Ka'an, kayak in the lagoon, chill on the beaches and bird watch. The diversity of the landscape, plants, animals and birds makes this...heaven. The Sian Ka'an means 'Where the sky is born' and...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – finding the best snorkeling spots

Posted June 10, 2013 by LocoGringo in Mexico Vacation Tips,Sustainable Tourism,Watersports

how to find great snorkeling in the Riviera maya

So how do you find good snorkeling spots from the shore of the beaches of the Riviera Maya? Look for darker areas in the sea. The darker patches in the water show where there are clusters or group of coral. Coral is where the fish and animals love to hang out. Coral clusters are like a playground and food court for the fish and animals that live in the sea. If you are located on a patch of beach that is just crystal clear water, white sand and no coral patches, no fear, the Mesoamerican reef...

Cozumel photo of the day – sea-horses

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des-horses in cozumel and the riviera maya

We love sea-horses and love the trip to Cozumel to see them. Cozumel has an area in the sea where sea horses come to spawn each year. When you go with your guide on a diving tour you will see not just one sea-horse but many sea horses on one dive. They are tiny in the ocean, so you need to look carefully, pay attention to your guide and enjoy this unique experience. Sea horses can be spotted in the Riviera Maya occasionally, they are a wonder and a great gift when you see them diving, but to be...

Tulum photo of the day – endangered coral types Elkhorn

Posted June 7, 2013 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Destinations

endangered ocean species in the riviera maya

Tulum has some great snorkeling and diving on the Mesoamerican reef located off the beautiful beaches Tulum is so famous for. Tulum is not famous for its diving, but if you venture into the ocean, you will find some endangered coral species found in this part of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.  Elkhorn coral was put on the endangered species list in the early 90s and are protected ny NOAA. Tulum has a great garden of Elkhorn coral along the coast, so if you are looking to see something different,...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – protect the sea and cenotes

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cenotes of the Riviera maya and the best way to protect the cenotes

It is all of our job to protect the sea and cenotes while living in or visiting the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya has a very delicate water system that affects the ecosystem. It is all connected! There are some basic measures you can take to protect the waters and life of the sea and cenotes. This includes fish and planets, coral and algae, all important aspects of the underwater environment. 1. Wear a biodegradable suntan lotion. Many lotions are harmful to our skin and the sea. Find a...

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