Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Cenote Zaci

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cenote in the riviera maya

Photos of the beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya and Yucatan are enough to get anyone excited about traveling to this naturally stunning destination! Cenotes, fresh water sink holes in the jungle, are unique to the peninsula and a delight to swim in on a hot Summer day. Cenote Zaci is in the colonial town of Valladolid. Visit both ancient Mayan ruins and cenotes at this Riviera Maya archeological site.

Tulum Photo of the Day – Local grocery stores

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local grocery in tulum, mexico

Tulum has several open air mercados along the main highway that runs through the pueblo. Fruit, vegetables, canned goods, dry goods, household products are all available in these small, family owned and operated grocery stores. Not too long ago, before modern super stores like WalMart came to the Riviera Maya, little places like this is where everyone did their grocery shopping. Help keep places like this, that make Tulum so unique, alive. Shopping here supports a local business owner and is...

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Try Rosca de Reyes

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Three Kings Day in Riviera Maya

Today is Dia de Tres Reyes, Three Kings Day. It is the day Mexicans celebrate the visit of the three wise men who arrived bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. This is the day to eat rosca de reyes, a great holiday sweet bread shaped in a wreath, with a small Jesus figurine baked inside.  While eating the bread, the person who gets the slice with the figurine has to provide the tamales for Candlemas, the next party on the holiday schedule. So go to the nearest bakery and get a delicious rosca de...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Sail out of the harbor

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Sailing in the Riviera Maya

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." - Grace Murray Hopper, United States Navy rear admiral. Don't stay in your "safe harbor", get out and make 2014 your year for travel! Visit the Riviera Maya where we have sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving and more! Check out ways to explore the Riviera Maya's spectacular underwater world.        

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – New theme park!

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Xochimilco Riviera Maya

Grupo Xcaret, the theme park creators of Xcaret, Xplor and Xel Ha have brought one of Mexico City's biggest attractions to the Riviera Maya - Xochimilco. Xochimilco, know as the ancient floating gardens, is a series of water canals that existed since pre-Hispanic times when lakes and lagoons made up the Valley of Mexico. This replica of the capitol's famous attraction includes evening boat rides, traditional live music and dancing, Mexican cuisine and culture. Discover the theme parks of...

Tulum Photo of the Day – Shell mobile

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shells in Tulum, Mexico

These shell mobiles hanging in the Tulum Pueblo are a popular Mexican Caribbean handicraft. The soft colors and organic shapes make this local art a beautiful representation of the Riviera Maya's amazing beaches. Check out our fabulous beaches!

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – You are here in 2014

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Vacation rental in Tulum, Mexico

Imagine yourself laying in this very lounge chair overlooking amazing Tulum Beach! You can be here in 2014. This incredible new villa is available for rent. Contact us to book your Riviera Maya vacation today. Check out other fabulous villas in the Tulum area.

Akumal Vacation Tip – Beach Blanket Party!

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Beach Blanket Party in Riviera Maya

January 4, at 7PM the Lol Ha Beach Club on Akumal Bay is having a beach blanket evening with folk pop guitarist Jeremy Moore. Blankets, lounge chairs and smores available while supplies last! No reservations and no cover. Just come hang for a chill evening on Akumal Beach. Start planning your 2014 Akumal vacation!

Get Inspired to Travel to Mexico in 2014

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 January 2014 is all about being crazy for travel, and Loco Gringo wants to spark a desire in travelers to experience the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Yucatan!  What does it mean to be crazy for travel? To us, it means having an unquenchable thirst to discover new places and even explore deeper the places we have been before. It means wanting to experience the best of what a destination has to offer, and we think the Mexican Caribbean is one of the most exciting travel destinations on...

Isla Mujeres Photo of the Day – The sun sets on 2013

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Isla Mujeres sunset

Tonight's sunset will be the last of 2013. A popular Mexican custom is to eat 12 grapes as the New Year’s Eve midnight countdown begins. Make a wish for each grape representing the 12 months of the next year. Read about more upcoming holiday traditions in Mexico.

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