Insiders guide to the Riviera Maya – local secrets and tips

Posted May 1, 2013 by LocoGringo in Mexican Culture,Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

local tips and secrets about the Riviera Maya

We had a duh moment this past month. Why have we not done this before? An insiders guide to the Riviera Maya, written by locals, tested by locals, shared with others.

The month of May at LocoGringo is the month of sharing all the local secrets we can think of.Call it the Insiders Guide to the Riviera Maya, local tips or local secrets. Anyway you look at it, we are sharing what we know.  If you are coming to the Riviera Maya on vacation, these little local secrets that will provide you with the best vacation, not just a vacation. With 20 years of living la vida loca, we have quiet a few local secrets that we think you may like, can save some pesos and find that perfect little spot that makes your vacation special.

Become a passionate traveler with the Insiders Guide to the Riviera Maya

Having these local secrets under your belt may just turn you into what we call, a passionate traveler. A passionate traveler is someone who loves to get into the lifestyle of a destination, into the culture, the groove. Your vacation becomes a little more interesting, a little more local and you will begin to understand not just the sea and the beach, but the culture of the Riviera Maya.

What has attracted so many visitors to the area is the ability to become a part of the Riviera Maya community. Your vacation becomes more personal and fun when you can reunite with old friends from last year, share adventures, bump into locals at the grocery store and meet their kids or partners. In many vacation destinations you are separated from the regular life that people live and your relationships seem to be on one level. This is not the Rivera Maya, which is why we love it. If you want to be a passionate traveler, you can be. People are happy to invite you into their community and share what they do on a daily basis. The separation only exists if you want it to exist.

Knowing local secrets is a great way to make your vacation better

local tips and secrets about the Riviera Maya

So here is a quick peek at some of the local secrets we will be sharing this month. When do grocery stores have their weekly specials? When are mangos, dragon fruit and oranges in season? What day is cheap movie day? Where do locals eat their dinners? How do you call home without using roaming fees? Where do locals hang out on their day off?

All of this information will be shared through out the month. We have gathered a bunch of local tips that we think you may find helpful on your vacation. Admittedly this has been a fun process. We have looked deeply into our lives and drawn up a list of local secrets, that are not really secrets, but things that we know and forget that not everyone knows. Call it neighbourhood information, local information, for us it is just life. We are excited to share these insights.

Check out some of our local spotlights to get you started on the Local life through the eyes of Locogringo and stay tuned! The local secrets are coming throughout the entire month of May. We will see a different side of the Riviera Maya and one we think you will enjoy!

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