Getting to Know Isla Holbox Through Street Art

We have watched the island of Isla Holbox grow and evolve from an unknown island to a new destination. In the 1990’s we loved the drive to Holbox and loved the quiet island vibe. What we love about Holbox today is the artisan feel that has been added to the island. The street art popping up throughout the streets of this tiny place tell a story. Each piece is created by a different resident, but all of them reflect the story unique to Holbox.

On a recent trip, we strolled the streets and snapped some images so we could share the unique story of Holbox. It seems where ever there is a blank wall, door or plank of wood, residents are leaving their interpretation of what Holbox means to them.

The Story of Holbox Through the Eyes of Local Artisans











How to Get To Isla Holbox

If you are staying in Playa del Carmen or to the south, the fastest way to get to Isla Holbox is using the new toll road out of Playa. The toll is 100 pesos (one way) and will have you at the ferry to the island in 45 minutes (from Playa). If you are staying to the north of Playa, you may want to consider the Puerto Morelos cenote road to Hwy 180 and then off to Chiquila, or the Merida Toll road just south of the Cancun Airport.

We love the slow route that takes you on the 180 highway and then south to Chiquila, where you drive through small villages and witness daily life in the area outside of the tourist areas.

From the small town of Chiquila, take a ferry to Holbox or hire a private boat taxi. Ferries run every 15 minutes. Once on the island, you can hire a golf cart taxi to take you to the town square or a local restaurant. The island is small, 41.84 kilometres (26.00 miles) long and 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles) wide but many love the idea of grabbing a golf cart taxi to take them from the ferry pier into the town center.

If you are feeling adventurous, try taking a flight to Holbox through Aerosaab. Private flights leave from Cancun and Playa del Carmen with a starting cost of $700 USD for 5 people. Now thats a great way to see the area.

Curious about Isla Holbox? Check out our places to stay on the island and find out for yourself. This is a quiet little paradise that has fun kayaking, snorkeling and of course whale shark tours in the summer months.

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