An Integrated Healing Experience with Dr. Luis Suarez

Posted March 8, 2017 by Kay Walten in Podcasts

Dr Luis Suarez

My guest on today’s podcast is a doctor who practices integrative healing in Playa del Carmen. Dr. Luis Suarez describes his health services as a blend of scientific medicine and complementary natural therapies. His holistic approach integrates nutrition, acupuncture, phytotherapy, and more to ensure patients receive total health care during their visits.

Originally from Mexico City, Dr. Suarez is a pioneer in neural therapy and regenerative injection therapy, which includes platelet rich plasma and adipose tissue stem cells. Locals and travelers are eager to visit Dr. Suarez’s SANAR Center for anti-aging therapy, ozone therapy, hydrotherapy and detoxification.

Dr. Suarez finds people living in and visiting the Riviera Maya are interested in a holistic approach to health care and integrative therapies, which are not widely available in the U.S. and Canada. Ozone therapy is one such practice. It is a versatile gas which elicits a reaction from the body’s antioxidant system and boosts oxygen levels. Medical tourism is on the rise in the Riviera Maya and many repeat patients are snowbirds who are interested in pain management.

The Riviera Maya is a small place with a wide array of mindful oriented options, says Dr. Suarez. He enjoys the dynamic mix of people and believes the area is growing economically. He also loves the beach and the opportunity to scuba dive.

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