Giving Gringos

Our guests help us invest in our neighbors

When you book with Loco Gringo, you’re contributing to awesome things in the Riviera Maya. Why? Because Loco Gringo gives back a part of every reservation made to the local community.

Over the years, Loco Gringo’s contributed to hurricane relief, supported fund raising efforts by the Red Cross for a local ambulance, painted bleachers at the local basket ball court, and a whole lot more.

Why? Because this is our home. And we want to make sure the people who make your home away from home amazing are well taken care of for years to come.

Cocos Cat Rescue - Loco Gringo - Giving Gringos

A commitment to the animals, purr-fecto.

Years ago, we fostered a kitten named Monchichi from Coco’s Cats (now called Coco’s Animal Welfare). Well, needless to say, Monchi became a member of the Loco Gringo family. Since then Coco’s has always held a special place in out heart. So when Coco’s sent us a proposal to get involved with their new clinic plans in Playa del Carmen, we jumped on board.

Guests and friends of Loco Gringo have raised over $16,000 for Coco’s towards their new clinic. The new clinic features prep, surgery, and recovery areas for their furry patients, a lab, an overnight hospital for cats and dogs, and a large multipurpose room for training and educational courses for the community and vets. Coco’s has become the largest animal welfare organization in Playa, supporting the smaller animal welfare projects and vets across the Riviera Maya.

Giving Gringos Kodomo CenterPhoto courtesy of The Playa Times

Many of us here at Loco Gringo are geeks, so we love when technology can help kids…

The little-known Kodomo Center specializes in offering services to families and children on the autism spectrum. Kodomo is one of only 5 centers offering such services in all of Mexico. With the help of Michigan State University, Kodomo has a new program that is utilizing technology to help kids on the autism spectrum learn and communicate. We are happy to be able to donate to their project of specially programmed iPads that will help teach children on the autism spectrum across the Riviera Maya language and other communication skills.

Local efforts in making your vacation great

Beach clean up with all the sargassum has been the talk among many of our guests. When communities get together to clean up, Loco Gringo has been there to provide bottled water to the local workers who bust their butts cleaning up the beach for area visitors.

So, you’re not just taking a vacation somewhere great. You’re helping make the place you TAKE a vacation great with Loco Gringo.

Need our help? We thought you’d never ask.

If you’re a community project or nonprofit initiative based in Mexico and would like to see if Loco Gringo could help you, we’d love to hear from you.

Simply send us an email at [email protected] and give us the following details:

  • Your program name
  • Your not-for-profit status
  • How long you’ve been operating
  • How much you’re hoping to raise
  • How Loco Gringo can help you reach your goal.

With the number of proposals we receive, please know that we can’t reply to everyone. But if you include the information we’ve requested above, you just might be on your way to having The Giving Gringos help you make this world a better place.

We look forward to hearing from you!