Getting a Workout at Cancun’s Outdoor Gyms

Cancun’s year-round, warm weather and spectacular jungle scenery make it an ideal city for getting an outdoor workout. Whether you’re looking for a place to lift weights or enjoy a run while surrounded by natural scenery, you’ll find several idyllic options in the city of Cancun, Mexico.

Keep reading to find our top recommendations for Cancun’s best outdoor gyms and running trails for you to discover on your next trip. And they’re all free!

Kilometer Zero’s Outdoor Gyms

You wouldn’t expect to find this much greenery in the middle of Cancun’s main avenue, but Kilometer Zero provides a lush setting for a workout. Set right in the middle of the wide median at the northern entrance to the Hotel Zone, Kilometer Zero has an outdoor gym where athletes can train with a variety of workout machines and monkey bars.

Right across the street is the newest addition to Kilometer Zero, an area featuring another outdoor gym, public restrooms, and lockers for rent. You’ll also find family-friendly facilities like a large playground and a fountain where kids can play.

Running, Biking and Skating in the Cancun Hotel Zone

One more thing you’ll find at Kilometer Zero is Cancun’s most beloved running path, known as the “Ciclopista.” This wide, red path starts at Kilometer Zero of Boulevard Kukulcan and continues until Kilometer 9 of the Hotel Zone, with distance markers placed every 500 meters. During a run on the Ciclopista, you’ll get to see gorgeous tropical greenery, many of Cancun’s hotels, and Calinda Bridge with views of the ocean.

Of course, this path is also a popular spot for cycling and roller-blading, so make sure always to leave plenty of room for others to pass.

Parque Kabah’s Outdoor Gym in Downtown Cancun

Deeper into Downtown Cancun lies Parque Kabah, the most natural and untouched part of the city. Set at the corner of Avenida Kabah and Avenida Nichupte, this massive park takes up several city blocks and is mostly filled with virgin jungle. At the western end, however, right by the Avenida Nichupte entrance, you can find colorful manicured gardens, a large outdoor playground for kids, and, yes, an outdoor gym. This gym has a more rustic feel, with wood benches and rails, climbing ropes, and an assortment of barbells made from different materials.

Run with Wildlife on Parque Kabah’s Jungle Running Trail

Also at Parque Kabah is its famed jungle trail, popular for local Cancun runners of all skill levels. (Keep in mind that this is not a trail for cycling or rollerblading.)

This trail makes a circle around Parque Kabah, creating a total circuit of 1.9 kilometers with markers every 100 meters. The entire trail is lined on both sides with completely natural jungle. You’ll completely forget you’re in the middle of the city, so don’t be surprised to spot a coati, flocks of birds, or maybe even a snake crosses your path.

Cancun locals love Parque Kabah, and the trail can get pretty busy on weekday mornings, especially between 7 am and 9 am. To avoid the crowds, get there very early (5:30 or 6 am), or try a late afternoon run. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, with exact hours depending on the season.

Looking for even more outdoor adventure in Cancun? Click here to find out about the jungle trails of San Miguelito — Maya ruins hidden in the middle of the Hotel Zone!

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