Get SUN-inspired in the Riviera Maya!

sun-spiration in the Riviera Maya Locogringo

This month at Locogringo is inspiration month! With December 21 over and the world still around, a New Year just behind us and some exciting things happening in the Riviera Maya, we have found January 2013 to be our month of inspiration! Our inspiration comes from visitors to the area who get off the plane, head to their hotel or villa and run to the beach, only to be swept away by the blue of the Caribbean ocean. We love this reaction, the chats over beers where people continue to be in awe over the beauty of the area. As they get deeper into their Riviera Maya vacation, they learn that the sun and the beach are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the beauty of the area.

Why is the Sun such a healthful, relaxing way to start your winter vacation

The Sun is inspiring and we did some research to find out why. Why is that we all feel better with a bit of sunshine. What is so SUN-inspiring about the beach in the Riviera Maya?

The sun provides a good portion of the much needed vitamin D, a vitamin that helps us to ward off many diseases like diabetes, heart disease and more. Doctors say that it is helpful to have 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure in the morning three times a week to get the necessary Vitamin D for our bodies. If you are in the sun for longer, protect your skin, stay in the shade and just enjoy a sunny day!

Our serotin levels (happy hormone) increase with sun exposure. Yup, serotin is our happy hormone and production increases when we are exposed to sunlight. Whoo hoo, we can be more happy now….Direct sunlight is not necessary, so palapa shade or the shade of a palm tree will still increase your happy hormone when hanging on the beach.

For us older folks, the sun helps to relieve aches and pains, mainly those related to inflammation due to arthritis. Better movement and less chronic pain is bound to make anyone happier! Maybe snowbirds have it right, stay home for the summer and migrate for the winter as we retire and need more sun for a happier and pain free lifestyle.

The sun boosts are immune system. Our immune system is the engine that keeps us healthy, makes disease stay away and protects us from all the germs out there. A healthy immune system means a healthier you.

It is the SUN and the lifestyle that helps inspiration

When you are hanging on the beach, you meet other people. This meeting and chatting a big part of the inspiration we get from a beach vacation. It is pretty hard to ignore the people sitting beside you on the beach, and most likely they have a great story to share or an experience that could inspire your next vacation move. All beaches in Mexico are public. They are a community and an active community. It is here that you will meet other travelers and vacationers, share stories and experience, gain insight into the area and find out about something new or old that tickles your vacation fancy. Some of our greatest ideas come from chats on the beach, some of our greatest inspirations have come from being on the beach.

Don’t you deserve a sun-spirationn vacation where you can relax, meet others, think and chill so your inspiration comes back, and gets you where you want to go? We know you deserve it, you just have to make it happen. When you are ready, we are here with all the information, details and photos to make your 2013 sun-spiration come true.

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