Fun On Wheels – Riviera Maya Bicycle Routes

When it comes to recreational activities for families during holidays, we will always opt for the ones that involve some sort of cultural touch. Anyone can travel to a different country but there are only a few, brave enough who dare to explore beyond what is known as touristic. With the spring already started and the great weather we can enjoy at Riviera Maya, we cannot think of any other activity that is more fun and enjoyable than bicycling. There are some important upcoming events that you can join if like us, you also enjoy the sense of freedom that only riding on a bike route can provide.

Bicycle Route in Cancun

Bicycle tour at Cancun

Cancun Bike route is one of the main attractions for locals and permanent residents. It is as extensive as around 30 kilometers parallel of Kukulkan Avenue and it continues until the Hotel Zone. The route is designed for bikers but you can also see joggers especially really early in the morning. Many marathons and bicycle events happened there on and off during the year and are usually organized by MUC (Urban Mobility of Cancun) which is a non-governmental conformed mostly by local people who arrange cultural and recreational events to motivate tourists and communities to promote the usage of bicycles over vehicles.

This Sunday March 13th you can join the Co´ox event which is a cultural event for the families. You will find handcraft, authentic gastronomy, sports and other recreational activities, all this to reduce the usage of vehicles in Cancun city. The meeting point will be municipality main park. From 2:00pm to 9:00pm Tulum and Nader main Avenues will be closed so that families can enjoy of the 1.6 km route by foot or riding bicycles.

Bike Route in Playa del Carmen

Bicycle tour in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen of course is not the exception and also created a special bike route that is on 10th Avenue, parallel to famous 5th Avenue. This bicycle route goes all the way to Playacar residential area for about 15 kilometers and covers part of the city including some popular stores and restaurants, to the green area of Playacar.  The tours is perfect to walk, ride bicycles or even skate.

From 38th street and North, this route is famous because many pet friendly marathons have been organized there. There is also another bike route on the highway that starts on Aviacion Avenue and passes a few famous Eco parks like Xplor Park and Xcaret Park. This bicycle route is often used to train for the Travesía Maya or main marathons in Riviera Maya.

Bici-Ruta Day in Merida

Bici Ruta

Merida is also one of the most cultural cities in South side of Mexico, always offering great family-friendly activities and including history and typical traditions for travelers eager to visit Yucatán. The locals organize every Sunday a family activity that involves visiting the main architectural buildings and most iconic places of Merida, you can rent the bicycle or tri-cycle with your entire family and ride the route. Many vendors gather to offer their hand made souvenirs and delicious local meals, there is also music and games for the little ones and zumba lessons for the not so little ones.

The Bici-ruta in Merida starts around 8:00am and finishes around noon. To participate you don’t have to have a bicycle but you can rent one for no more than 2usd each for the rest of the afternoon. The meeting point is at the main park of the city and is no more than 2 kilometers for the bicycle route. Sun block and comfortable clothes are a must to enjoy of this activity at the most.

There is nothing that says local, more than being part of the cultural events of the country you are visiting and with no doubt the bicycle routes in Riviera Maya represent a great option for families to know a little bit more of Mexican family traditions. To find out more about upcoming events like Co´ox in Cancún or rent bicycles, contact your [email protected]

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