Restaurant review: El Meson de Marques in Valladolid

Posted August 11, 2014 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Mexican Culture,Mexico Destinations,Yucatan Activities

tapas at Posada Margherita, Tulum Beach Mexico

Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Valladolid We recently had the opportunity to stop in Valladolid for an early dinner after a day at the ruins at Chichen Itza with amigos from Brazil who were scouting for a film shoot.  Needless to say they loved the ruins of Chichen Itza. One of our favorite places to eat is El Meson de Marques in Valladolid.  We arrived around 5:30 pm and the there were a few people there, but by 7:00pm the place was packed with locals and visitors!  Why, because here...

A local favorite you must try: ceviche!

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yucatan mexico ceviche recipe

Ceviche a seafood medley marinated in lime juice Ceviche that has become one of the world's favorite ways of enjoying fresh seafood. Ceviche is just one of the reasons UNESCO has honored Mexico for its cuisine. You can make it at home easily with this recipe from Los Dos. In classic Maya cities, fish was a luxury reserved for the upper crust... Even then, it was salted, dried, smoked or pre-cooked. The Incas, too, preserved their fish by salt curing, and they even developed methods for...

Restaurant review: Kaxapa Factory Playa del Carmen

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Kaxapa Factory Restaurant Playa del Carmen

Kaxapa is a hidden gem in Playa del Carmen's realm of restaurants.  This family-run eatery offers Venezuelan fare that is fresh, made with local ingredients and produce.  One of the menu items we liked best was the cachapas,  pancake made of corn meal. Their South American menu has vegetarian options and gluten-free!  The service is warm and welcoming, and the pricing is great too since it is off the main drag, you're not paying tourist prices like you would on the Quinta. Loco Gringo...

Restaurant review: El Sabor de Mexico

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El Sabor de Mexico restaurant Puerto Morelos Mexico

I recently had a great evening wandering around Puerto Morelos.  I popped into El Sabor de Mexico.  The staff was super friendly, and the restaurant had a nice local feel to it, of course with soccer playing on the TV screen.   The food is good standard Mexican fare, and El Sabor de Mexico has a full bar. Only thing is at night which was annoying was the the  mosquitos. For a good fix of your favorite Mexican dishes, eat here, just bring repellent. The restaurant also offers...

Restaurant Review: Don Chendo

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Don Chendo's Restaurant Riviera Maya Mexico

If you love Chicago style, deep dish pizza then you are going to love Don Chendo in Playa del Carmen. Don Chendo has a great menu of traditional Italian faves such as spaghetti and meatballs, rigatoni with sausage and peppers and double butter fettuccine Alfredo.  You can choose from a nice variety of salads, and vegetarian options!  One of the best deals in town for good pizza, starting at $120 pesos.   You won't find a full bar here, but definitely a cold cerveza or a glass of red...

Kava Kasa music, smoothies and lounge in Playa del Carmen

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Kava Kasa review by Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography in Playa del carmen

Our good amiga, Sol Tomargo of Del Sol Photography recently visited Kava Kasa in Playa del Carmen.  Playa's first Kava bar.   Here's Sol's feedback… Trying a Kava drink. Strong flavor.. Here's what I feel: tongue numbed .. My lips feel fuller.. Sexy?? teehee.. I'm Relaxing .. Happy ... Mmm.. What comes next?? Kava is a root and at Kava Kasa you can drink it in different ways. My fav?? Chocolate - Expresso- peanut butter! I think this is a new#happysexyandhealthy drink!! Promotes...

Restaurant review: El Merkadito

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ek merkadito restaurant puerto morelos mexico

Good times, good food, great atmosphere! Recently we had a great opportunity to meetup with amigos from Cancun for dinner.  They recommended El Merkadito on the beach in Puerto Morelos.  From the street you walk through the kitchen and bar out to the dining area facing the Caribbean sea.  A funky sea shanty style takes will take you to the old days of the Caribbean. The menu is a seafood lovers paradise. The tacos and tostadas come two or three to an order, it is fun to share with...

Learn to Cook with People Who Have a Passion for Food

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The Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos is touted by USA Today and Trip Advisor as one of the Riviera Maya’s top activities. The cooking school is a foodie adventure that will teach you Mexico’s history through its dishes. Classes include tequila tasting, regional snacks and a sumptuous meal at the end of the day. Co.Cos in Playa del Carmen has courses for everyone ranging from beginners to professionals, they even have a mixology class on Friday nights! Co.Cos offers...

Marquesitas: A Traditional Yucatecan Dessert

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Marquesitas; A Traditional Yucatecan Dessert

Whether you are strolling the streets of Merida, cheering at a baseball game in Cancun or just lounging on the main beach in Puerto Morelos you are never too far from a marquesita (pronounced: mar-kay-cee-ta)vendor. A marquesita is one of the most delicious creations to come from Yucatan. In Merida in 1938, Don Vicente Mena, an ice cream vendor, made the first rolled wafer stuffed with Edam cheese and sprinkled it with cajeta (caramel sauce). As most inventions do, the marquesita was born...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Date Night!

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Friday night has been date night for us for years and we love having this evening ritual after the work week. Even when we are on vacation we make Friday night our date night, just the two of us. Parents have the option to join in our ritual of date night while you are on vacation by using local babysitting services or utilizing family members as babysitters if you are vacationing with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. Many vaation rentals have babysitting services that you can...

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