Try Something New to Experience Something New – Check out Puerto Aventuras

Are you in a vacation rut? Have you stayed at the same vacation villa year after year? In some respects there is comfort in returning to the same location, the same vacation villa year after year. You know what to expect, where to eat, what to see and you may visit old friends. We get it, and have done this ourselves.

But some people want to change their villa rental every few years. They want to see something new, experience something different. They want to feel they are seeing all they can see during a life time, and change is needed for that to happen.

We will let you in on a little secret. There are so many cities on the Caribbean coast of Mexico you can change your location yet still feel a sense of familiarity. No kidding. You get the best of both worlds – familiar yet different all at the same time.

Second little secret. Many people take advantage of this opportunity, many. I even take advantage of this. I have friends that live up and down the coast. When I’m feeling things are just too familiar yet cannot run off on a road trip, I go stay with a friend for a week. New surroundings, same area but a different experience. Just this past month I stayed in Puerto Morelos for over a week and felt like I was worlds away from Akumal but was still surrounded by familiar Mexican things, a beautiful view of the Caribbean, great morning beach walks, Spanish speakers and great tacos! Familiar but different.

Why Not Try Puerto Aventuras For Something Different

We don’t talk about Puerto Aventuras enough, but with these rockin’ new listings, we need to share. We have just released two new beach condos and one beautiful villa that offer a different Riviera Maya experience but with a familiar feel to other locations.


If you want to be steps from a beach on a ground floor condo then Casa Arena is for you. Enjoy communal pools, a quiet beach and an easy to navigate ground floor 2 bedroom condo at Villas del Mar. Stroll to local restaurants, visit the only marina on the coast, and be centrally located in the Riviera Maya for day trips. Take a peak at this affordable condo that offers a similar but different experience.


If a condo with a spectacular view is more your speed, then condo Alta Vista should be your new home away from home. This 3 bedroom condo has panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, a beautiful sea breeze and lots of floor to ceiling windows to highlight that view. Again, you are steps from local restaurants, the marina and you can easily navigate day trips to the north and south. Check out these photos and see if this condo offers the ‘different’ you are looking for.

Now for Something Completely Different in Puerto Aventuras – A Villa and A Yacht


Now this has me smiling from ear to ear. I don’t think we have come across a villa and yacht combo before in the Riviera Maya. This vacation villa is worth a change. You will experience more of the area not only in a new location but with new transportation; a private yacht for fishing, snorkeling or cruising. Don’t worry, the yacht comes with a captain that will guide your group on the Caribbean.


This combo of a villa/yacht rental opens up a whole new world and new adventures on your vacation. Unlike others who admire the yachts of Puerto Aventuras, you get to experience a Puerto Aventuras yacht first hand.

So what are you waiting for? Change is a good thing but you don’t have to change everything! Switch it up this year and try a new city or villa rental in the Riviera Maya to get a new look at what we love so much!
Check out our latest listings and see what’s new for you this winter!

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