Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Xtabentun Flower – Bloom of Mayan Legend

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Xtabnetun flower in yucatan, mexico

The Xtabentun flower grows wild in the Yucatan and produces the pollen Yucatecan honey bees use to create the sweet nectar needed to make a delicious Mayan liquor. Like many things Mayan, this unique flower has a a legend attached to it that goes something like this. There once lived a beautiful Mayan woman named Xtabay who was said to have given herself to anyone who solicited her love. However lusty she may have been, she was just as much a kind soul who gave help to anyone in need, no...

Cancun Nature Travel Tip – Isla Blanca – All natural, all beautiful

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isla-blanca-near-cancun mexico

Did you think all the beautiful beaches in Cancun were lined with resorts? Not Isla Blanca located 25 minutes north of Cancun. It is a peninsula running between the Caribbean Sea and Chacmuchuc Lagoon. There are no tourists or facilities here, just miles of unspoiled coastline.  The beach is not wide but it has several sandy coves like this one.  On a weekday, pick your spot and chances are you will be the only one there all day. Other great beaches in the Riviera Maya.

Cancun Photo of the Day – Sunset over Nichupte Lagoon – Natural beauty even in the Hotel Zone

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sunset-over-Nichupte-Lagoon Cancun Mexico

Natural beauty is found everywhere in the Mexican Caribbean, even in Cancun's glitzy, touristy Hotel Zone. We caught this fabulous Cancun sunset while dining at Fish Fritanga located on the quiet shore of Nichupte Lagoon. Check out these other great places in and near Cancun.

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Along came a spider

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banana-spider in the Riviera Maya Jungle

We are not sure, but this looks to be a banana spider which is common in tropical jungles.  They are also called golden orb-weavers and their webs are particularly strong. Nature's creatures right down to the tiniest are truly amazing! The Yucatan jungle is filled with some of the strangest and most beautiful. Find out where you can meet some of the local wildlife.

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Botanical Garden – Jungle beauty all around

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The Jardin Botanico del Dr. Alfredo Barrera, also known as Ya'ax Che, in Puerto Morelos is an off-the-beaten path gem for nature lovers. Discover the Riviera Maya's bio richness!  See the area's indigenous flora, meet monkeys, explore archeological ruins and learn about Mayan culture.  Be sure to take biodegradable insect repellant. Visit other eco-parks in the Riviera Maya

Get Back to Nature with an Eco-vacation in the Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya kiteboarding destination

Why an Eco-vacation? Researchers believe that getting back to nature and away from the technological, modern world most of us spend our daily lives in is both healthful and stimulating. Studies have shown that employees who take holidays with a focus on nature and the outdoors come back to work more productive than those who take urban vacations. An eco vacation returns one home feeling mentally. emotionally and physically renewed, even inspired! Naturalist and essay writer John Burroughs...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – The Jungle Place – Passion for preservation

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Jungle place eco park and sustainable tourism RIviera Maya

Meet Mariachi. He lives at The Jungle Place, a Spider monkey sanctuary in the Riviera Maya. He along with several of his friends have been rescued by Joel and Heidi, two big hearted people with a passion for preserving one of the Yucatan's most lovable endangered species. You can visit Mariachi and his extended family in Chemuyil, just south of Akumal. Read more about the Yucatan and where to stay.

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Dug Herself a Hole – Turtle Season

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Turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya is still going on through the month of August. This big girl found a nice sandy spot on the shore of Isla Mujeres. Did you know sea turtles can lay up to 200 eggs at a time? Learn more about sea turtles.

Passionate Travel Tip – Volunteering – A passion for others.

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Donating an hour or an entire day of your vacation can add so much to your travel experience. Volunteering will bring you closer to the people in the community and give you an understanding about your destination you did not have before. Whatever your passion, people, animals, environment, there is a Riviera Maya charity where you can make a difference and take home a vacation memory that you will never forget. Read about charities we are passionate about.

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Baby Turtle Release – Be there!

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The Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm is a hatchery for endangered sea turtles.  The sea turtles come to Isla Mujeres beaches in the summer to lay their eggs and the volunteers at the Turtle Farm collect their eggs for their 60 day incubation period.  If you’re lucky enough to be on Isla August through October, you can take part in turtle releases held all over the island where they release hundreds of baby turtles at a time. Just ask your concierge to keep you informed or watch the local paper for...

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