Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Kids LOVE turtle season

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turtle season for family vacations

Turtle season begins in May. Kids love to experience this time of year in the Riviera Maya when females are venturing out of the sea and onto the beaches to lay their eggs. Witnessing these miracles of nature instills in children a love and respect for nature. Learn more about turtle nesting habits.

Choose Sustainable Tourism in the Riviera Maya

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sustainable tours in yucatan

Tourism has incredible potential to do positive things not just for us as individuals, but for all people collectively and for the planet. According to the World Tourism Organization, "Tourism is an effective way of redistributing wealth and a catalyst for gender equality, cultural preservation and nature conservation." It is estimated that over 1 billion people travelled internationally in 2012. With so many tourists changing the way they used to travel and choosing instead to put into...

Riviera Maya Sustainable Travel Tip – Rechargeable batteries

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sustainable travel tips

Avoid using disposable batteries while traveling in the Riviera Maya. These are of particular concern in this area because they will degrade in dumps and leak toxic chemicals into the earth that cannot be filtered out by the limestone surface, ultimately poisoning our water supply. A more responsible choice is to pack a charger and use re-chargeable batteries. Discover more about sustainable travel in the Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Artificial wetlands

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using constructed wetlands for waste water in riviera maya, mexico

Artificial wetlands, or aquatic gardens, treat waste water before it makes its way into the ocean. Waste water flows into the artificial wetland which is constructed of gravel and plants. The dirty water that moves into the wetland is treated aerobically by plants as it flows through the root systems, turning it into practically clean water that can be used to irrigate the garden. The artificial wetlands in Riviera Maya serve as a model of sustainable living because they show it is...

Steps to Being a Mindful Traveler in the Riviera Maya

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be a mindful traveler in the riviera maya

The month of March is all about sustainable travel or "green" travel, and who doesn't want to be mindful about protecting Mexico's natural beauty when visiting? Let's all do our part to protect the Riviera Maya's amazing jungles, cenotes, wildlife and reef systems by taking simple steps to travel responsibly. Pack Like a Mindful Traveler Being a mindful traveler begins even before you leave the house. Packing ecologically friendly products is the first step you can take that will lead to...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Noche Buena

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Christmas in the Riviera Maya

Did you know that poinsettias are native to Mexico? The plant is known in Mexico as "Noche Buena", meaning Christmas Eve. Get our holiday recipe for Mexican sangria.

Yucatan Photo of the Day – Bats – An unsung hero

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bats in the Riviera Maya

Mark Twain said of bats they are "beautifully soft and silky; I do not know any creature that is pleasanter to the touch..." Well, we don't know about petting them, but as residents of the Yucatan Peninsula we sure can appreciate what they do for us.  There are over 50 types of bats found in the Yucatan and their main diet is flying insects, particularly MOSQUITOS! Three cheers for the bats! Visit the mysterious bat cave at Xcaret park!

Isla Contoy – A Natural Jewel of the Caribbean Crown

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Wonderfully wild places can be found all over the Yucatan Peninsula, and one of these precious gems is Isla Contoy. It is located at the conflux of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 30 kilometers north of Isla Mujeres. The island is only 8.5 kilometers long and has a surface area of just over 300 hectares. This tiny Caribbean island has been a federally protected area since 1961 and was declared a national park in 1998 because of its rich biodiversity. The only inhabitants...

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Iguana – Strike a pose!

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iguana in the Riviera Maya

This little guy struck a majestic pose the moment he saw us snapping his photo. Seems he is used to the paparazzi. Our scaley friend gladly accepted a handful of gummy fruit snacks in exchange for his image. Meet local wildlife at this interactive Riviera Maya zoo.

Sian Kaan Photo of the Day – Wild, Wonderful Dolphins!

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Wow! Dolphins! The most charismatic marine animal anywhere in the world, and these babies are wild and free! Take a wild dolphin tour in the Sian Kaan.

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