Villa Kokobeach Menu

If you would like a cook to prepare a meal for you, let the maid or manager know at least one day in advance. He will happily cook and serve your meal for a fee plus the cost of food. On the day you wish to have a meal, you will need to give him the money to purchase the groceries and payment in advance for preparing the meal, serving and cleaning up. Please note that rates are subject to change.


$3.-USD per person per day

Up to 10 people $40.00.-USD 11 to 18 people $65.00.-USD

Up to 10 people $55.00.-USD 11 to 18 people $85.00.-USD

Breakfast Option


Jugo de frutas / Fruit juice
Plato de frutas / Fruit plate
Plato de frutas con yogurt / Fruit plate with yogurt
Fruta con granola y yogurt / Fruit with granola and yogurt Tostadas a la francesa / French toast
Pancake / Hot cakes
Pan dulce / Sweet bread

Huevos aporreados / Beaten eggs
Huevos rancheros / Rancheros eggs
Huevos motuleños / Eggs with refried beans served on toast
Huevos fritos / Fried eggs
Huevos a la mexicana / Mexican eggs
Huevos revueltos con tocino / Scrambled eggs with bacon
Huevos revueltos con jamón / Scrambled eggs with ham
Huevos revueltos con chorizo / Scrambled eggs with sausage
Huevos revueltos con queso / Scrambled eggs with cheese
Huevos revueltos con champignons / Scrambled eggs with mushrooms Omelet ranchero / Omelet with onion, garlic and tomato

Omelet con jamon y queso / Omelet with ham and cheese
Omelet con tocino y queso / Omelet with sausage and cheese
Omelet con camarones / Omelet with shrimps
Omelet a la mexicana / Omelet with vegetables

Quesadillas / Mexican quesadillas with cheese
Quesadillas con jamón / Mexican quesadillas with ham
Quesadillas con hongos / Mexican quesadillas with mushrooms
Quesadillas con chorizo / Mexican quesadillas with sausage

Enchiladas de pollo / Chicken enchiladas
Enchiladas de mole / Ch icken mole enchiladas
Chilaquiles de pollo / Chicken in a red sauce served over tortilla chips
Molletes / Rolls with beans & Manchego cheese



Ensalada griega / Salad with goat cheese, asparagus & artichoke
Ensalada mixta / Mix salad

Ceviche de pescado / Fish ceviche Ceviche de pulpo / Octopus ceviche Ceviche de caracol / Conch ceviche Ceviche mixto / Mixed ceviche
Coctel de camarones / Shrimp cocktail Coctel de caracol / Conch cocktail Coctel mixto / Mixed cocktail
Nachos con queso y pollo / Chicken & cheese nachos
Nachos con queso y chorizo / Sausage & cheese nachos
Chiles rellenos de queso y arroz / Stuffed peppers w/ cheese & rice
Filete de pescado a la plancha / Grilled fish fillet
Filete de pescado al mojo de ajo / Grilled fish with garlic
Filete de pescado empanizado / Breaded fish fillet Pescado frito / Fried fish
Hamburguesa / Hamburger

Club sandwich
Fajitas de pollo / Chicken fajitas Fajitas de res / Beef fajitas
Tacos de arrachera / Beef tacos with onions & coriander Tacos de pollo / Chicken tacos
Pollo pibil / Yucatecan barbeque chicken
Spaghettis Alfredo / Spaghettis Alfredo’s style
Spaghettis entomatados / Spaghettis with tomato sauce
Spaghettis al pesto / Spaghettis al aglio oglio with garlic & basil
Arroz a la mexicana / Rice in Mexican style
Arroz verde con plátanos / Green rice with bananas
Chayotes rellenos / Baked chayotes stuffed w/vegetables & cheese
Pollo frito / Fried Chicken
Pollo a la plancha / Grilled chicken

Side Dish

Verduras mixtas/Mixed Vegetables Arroz blanco / White rice
Salsa Mexicana con tostadas / Hot Sauce with chips
Guacamole/ Avocado Dip
Papas fritas / French fries
Tortillas de papas / Potato pancakes
Frijoles refritos / Refried beans Puré de papas / Mashed potatoes


Fruta al queso / Fruits with cheese
Cóctel de frutas con helado/ Fruit cocktail with ice- cream
Pastel de zanahorias/ Carrot cake
Pie de lima / Lime pie
Budín de peras / Pear pudding
Pastel de elote / Corn cake
Plátanos acaramelizados con crema/ Caramel- covered bananas w/cream
Flan de caramelo / Caramel flan
Arroz con leche y manzanas / Rice pudding with apple
Duraznos rellenos con crema de vainilla / Peaches stuffed w/vanilla cream
Dulce de mamey / Mamey dessert



Ensalada caribeña / Caribbean salad Ensalada César / Caesar’s salad
Camarones al mojo de ajo / Garlic shrimp Camarones empanizados / Breaded shrimp Camaron a la plancha / Grilled Shrimp Brochetas de camaron / Shrimp shish kabob Brochetas vegetarianas / vegetable shish kabob
Langosta al ajo / Garlic buttered lobster Langosta a la plancha / Grilled lobster
Filete de pescado al ajo / Fish fillet with garlic
Filete de pescado a la plancha / Grilled fish
Filete de pescado empanizado / Breaded fillet fish
Pescado a la veracruzana / Fish with onion, pepper and tomato
Pulpo encebollado / Octopus sautéed with onion Calamar al vino / Wine calamari
Filete Migñón / Migñon filet
Filete a la pimienta / Peppered file

Sopa Xochitl / Chicken soup with vegetables Sopa de camarones / Shrimp soup
Sopa de lima / Lime soup
Sopa de verduras / Vegetables soup
Sopa de tortillas / Tortilla soup

Sopa de maíz / Corn soup
Crema de aguacate / Avocado cream soup
Crema de frijoles /Black beans cream soup
Crema de Coliflor / Cauliflower cream soup
Crema de verduras / Vegetables cream soup
Crema de zanahorias / Carrots cream soup

Light Options

We are happy to be able to offer you now in Villa Kokobeach a list of menus for people who want or have to make a diet with low-fat meals. Listed below you will find reduced calories meals from which you can choose to your convenience.

Light Breakfast

Jugo de frutas / Fruit juice
Plato de frutas / Fruit plate
Plato de frutas con yogurt light/ Fruit plate with light yogurt
Fruta con granola y yogurt light / Fruit with granola and light yogurt
Omelet de claras de huevo con queso panela / White of the egg omelet with non-fat cheese
Huevos revueltos con queso panela / Scramble eggs with non- fat cheese Quesadillas con queso panela / Mexican quesadillas with non-fat cheese

Brocheta de tomate / Tomato bruschetta 65 calories per slice
Onion soup / Sopa de cebollas 60 calories per slice
Pollo adobado / Adobo chicken 150 calories per serving
Duraznos rellenos con mousse de cottage / Halved peaches stuffed with cottage mousse 125 calories per slice

Ensalada de pollo con miel / Chicken salad with honey 132 calories per serving
Cebollas rellenas / Stuffed onions 130 calories
Helado cremoso de mango / Creamy mango ice cream 118 calories

Tomates rellenos light / Light stuffed tomatoes 120 calories
Filete Strogonoff / Beef Strogonoff 125 calories
Gelatina light de limón / Light lemon jelly 150 calories

Hongos salteados / Sauteed mushrooms 130 calories
Pollo del mariachi / Mariachi chicken 125 calories
Arroz con leche al horno / Baked rice pudding 150 calories

Cóctel de camarón light / Light shrimp cocktail Risotto con tomate fresco, albahaca y panela 140 calories
Rice and vegetables casserole $225 calories
Copa de frutas picadas/ Fruit cocktel 40 calories

Guacamole light / Light avocado dip 65 calories
Filete de pescado con salsa picante de perejil / Fish fillets with parsley hot sauce 145 calories
ousse ligera de fresas / Light strawberry mousse 100 calories

Menus and information have been provided by the property and are subject to change.

For questions about meal services prior to your arrival please contact Loco Gringo Guest Services at [email protected] 

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