Diving Chinchorro Banks

chinchorro conch

For water sport lovers, SCUBA divers and snorkelers, discover village of  Mahahual in the Costa Maya, Mexico. Just a few hundred yards off shore is the world’s second largest barrier reef. Mahahual is also the gateway to the  marine sanctuary of Banco Chinchorro , an atoll declared Biosphere Reserve. It is the jewel of the natural areas of the Caribbean and Mexico.

chinchorro coral 2

From Mahahual is also accessible to Xcalak Reef National Park , another marine reserve where elkhorn coral abound , tons of tarpon , nurse sharks , etc. This privileged area of dives also has a very scenic dive dominated by a very whimsical landscape where caves and caverns abound.

Its Great Diving, If You Can Get There!

Chinchorro Banks is beautiful, the shipwreck graveyard of the Mexican Caribbean.  But its a weather dependent dive, so when the north winds blows that may be the best opportunity to dive this pristine area.

chinchorro banks shipwreck diving

Info and photos from our friends at http://www.bahiadechetumal.com.mx
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