Conifer Water Rat ‘s Akumal Beach Resort Trip Report

Snorkeling in Akumal Mexico, Loco Gringo

Nov 26 thru Dec 6, 2010

This was our 5th trip to Akumal Beach Resort since Dec 2008.  Our flight from Denver to Cancun went well & we were happy to be on our way to ABR.

USA Transfers was waiting for us & as always, their service was impeccable!  Our driver didn’t speak much English, but drove VERY carefully and didn’t go over the speed limit which was fine by us! There were Federal Police up & down 307 due to the Environment summit they were having…  we made it to ABR without incident.

When we arrived at ABR, we got checked in and headed to our room.  We wanted to get our toes in the sand and start breathing in the sea air! The room was spotless, as always and our A/C worked wonderfully! However, some items missing were info on meal times, toiletries and a container for water.  Everyone has their own opinion on the new exterior paint colors. DH & I actually like the new colors.  I can’t put my finger on it, but we like it & are glad they kept the rooms in bright, festive colors.

The food was great!   We ate way too much as usual.  We did not do the Mexican Ala Carte restaurant this time, instead we went to the Italian.  It was OK, but the meals we’ve tried at the Mexican ala carte have been very good.  It’s great to have Wilbert back making those fantastico cappuccinos again! We had shrimp tacos & ice cream at Lucy’s and breakfast with Lady Bugg at the Loncheria by the Chomak.

Had a great time hanging with the Loco Gringos and we got some new autographs on my cooler – Yay! We made quite a few memories this trip that involve people instead of fish!  Lady Bugg, Soleil Soul, Wifey, Elle Tek, Beachy and VanIsland2  were all kind enough to let us hang out & participate in some of their “activities”.  It was FANTASTIC getting to know everyone better. What fun!

The snorkeling was the best so far. Because the water was so calm, we got to swim to areas we hadn’t before to see some new areas of coral.  The beach wasn’t crowded, but the snorkel groups were there en-mass!   Lots and lots of large groups snorkeling and then hanging by the moon rise.  We found ourselves timing our snorkels as the groups came in so it wouldn’t be so crowded when we went out.  The lion fish tended to be in the formations  in murky, thermal cline water closer in to shore.  The scary thing is they are difficult to see when it’s murky, and when they ‘fluff up’ their spines, they float up. I thought we were gonna get it when we went floating over a formation and one started floating up toward us!  There was less thermal cline than in April, which was nice.  About Dec 1 the wind shifted from the North making the water in the early morning feet like ice, but it was so calm.  We may be investing in wet suits yet. We saw a turtle every snorkel whether we tried or not.  I saw so many eels I lost track of the number. We saw Goldentail Moray Eels, a Spotted Moray (about 3ft long) , a Chain Moray (about 3 ft) and a Sharptail Eel and a large porcupine fish. I saw a huge parrotfish lying on its side, seemingly dying, while a spidery looking creature with a black and white body and white legs was “working” on the parrotfish. When I turned to go back they were both gone.  Perhaps the spidery thing was cleaning the parrot fish.  I didn’t get a picture, but the image is burned into my brain!

For a dusk snorkel, we put an LED flashlight into a water tight bag for cameras.  It worked pretty well, but not well enough to stay out after dark.

Unfortunately, my mask and snorkel were stolen off a beach chair. Lots of people were going back and forth around the moonrise, it appears someone just swiped it as they were walking by.  It has my initials on the yellow snorkel AND fluorescent paint on the mask.  If you ever see it when you’re down there get a pic for me! Ha!

One thing regarding currency – having pesos was WAY easier, however, you need to make sure you have your small denomination bills for tipping BEFORE you get to the resort  Folks just don’t want to or don’t have the small bills to make change.  So, next time we will either get small bills at the airport before we leave or from our bank when we get the pesos.

On our last day, Char (of vanisland2) kept singing “Hey hey hey good bye” to us till it was time to go.  It was an uneventful trip to the airport.  Our driver with USA transfers spoke great English and we had a wonderful time visiting with him on the way up.  I have to say this was our best trip yet.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Akumal and snorkeling!

For more photos visit: Conifer Water Rat’s photo album. We want to thank her for being our guest blogger.