Riviera Maya vacation tips – adventures for the kids

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Kid advenutes in the Riviera Maya

Who doesn't love an adventure! Kids as well as adults will find these adventures great during their vacation in the Riviera Maya. We have picked these adventures using very particular criteria. First no long car drives. Some kids (and adults) don't travel well, so we defaulted to adventures close by. Second we choose some main stream easy to access, easy to get to adventures where the whole family will have fun. Third we have taken smaller and bigger kids into account. Fourth, these suggestions...

Paamul vacation tip – Great beach for the whole family

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paamul restaurant on the beach in the Riviera Maya

For good reason, Paamul is a kid destination where local moms and parents love to take their children after school or on the weekends. Why is Paamul a great family beach and hang out spot in the Riviera Maya? There are few family essentials in Paamul that make family fun a little bit easier than other beaches. Find out why Paamul is the family beach Paamul is minutes from Playa del Carmen, just north of Xpu ha beach and north of Akumal. The family features at this quiet beach are a pool, easy...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Parents need down time too!

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get some quiet parent time while on your Riviera Maya vacation

We have heard it many times, taking your kids on vacation is not a vacation for the parents! When you venture off on vacation the planning to unpacking process is a chore. It is a chore all parents love as they want to create wonderful family vacation memories, vacation adventures and get away from routine, but family vacations are tiring, there is not doubt about it. How to get parent down time while on vacation Here are a few ideas, or tips so you can get some down time while on vacation....

Riviera Maya vacation tip – Keep the family hydrated on vacation

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staying hydrated in the riviera Maya

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The tropical weather in the Riviera Maya can be deceiving. You are on the beach, in the sea, playing, having a great time and little did you know that you, your kids or even your pet is dehydrated. It is easy to stay hydrated if you are aware. Dehydration creeps up on you and though it is not dangerous it can slow down your vacation if you are not careful. How to stay fully hydrated when you are having way too much fun? Water, coconut water and juices all work...

Riviera Maya vacation tip -Best weather channel for the Riviera Maya

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riviera Maya blue sky off the shores of the Caribbean

Of course you want to know what the weather is going to be like when you are in the  Riviera Maya. Many weather networks and weather internet sites show the opposite to what we are experiencing in the Riviera Maya. Years ago we could swap weather information through the radio so everyone could get a grasp of what to expect for the day. Tropical weather can differ from city to city, village to village. It is not unheard of that Tulum is experiencing rain and Playa del Carmen has full sun. So...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – bringing your pet on vacation

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Locogringo mascot and traveling with your pet to the Riviera Maya

Pet parents are as important as child parents. You know that all you need for your kids to travel to the Riviera Maya is a passport and if needed a letter from your spouse if you are not traveling together. But if you are a pet parent how do you travel with your pet? It is becoming easy to travel with your pet, especially if your pet is small, but paperwork is required to make international pet travel seamless. Pet travel documents needed for Riviera Maya vacations Before you travel with your...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Cenotes for families

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Cenote cristalino for family vacations in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is filled with natural sink holes of fresh water called cenotes. For families and kids, cenotes are a great jungle adventure! Kids will learn about natural land formations, the importance of ecology, witness how jungles in the Riviera Maya grow and have a great place to swim! Check out this photo of a cenote in the Riviera Maya, cenote Cristalino, where the water is shallow, the jungle is dense and everyone will have a great time! Life jackets, snorkeling equipment can be...

Riviera Maya travel tip of the day – donate your beach toys

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Donate your beach toys when your Riviera Maya vacation is over

This is a fabulous idea at the end of your vacation. Beach toys are a must on your vacation with kids. It is a cheap and cheerful item that you can buy at any local or large grocery store in the Riviera Maya. You can leave the toys at the vacation villa you rented so the next family can benefit or you can donate your toys to a local charity. DIF is a government social service agency for families that services communities all along the Riviera Maya. Each city or pueblo will also have their own...

Akumal travel tip – Akumal Comedy Festival and beach bar music

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Natalie and the foxes at the Akumal comedy festival 2013

If you are in the Riviera Maya April 10 to 13, 2013, check out the Akumal Comedy Festival! This annual festival has great comics during the four days but there is also some local music to check out as well. Our LG forum users are anxiously awaiting the return of Natalie and the Foxes who will be playing at La Buena Vida Saturday night! Check out the Locogringo Forum for more updates! Schedule for the Akumal Comedy Festival Wednesday - April 10, 2013 PRE-FESTIVAL KICK OFF...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Feeding the kids on vacation

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feeding your kids on vacation in the Riviera Maya

Mexico is the land of the taco and chili, and rumored to have very spicy food. What do you feed your kids while on vacation in the Riviera Maya? Will you be stuck with chili's and spice and the almighty habanero chili? Of course not! The Riviera Maya is a multicultural area that is inspired by the Mexican culture and takes advantage of the beautiful coast. It is by no means a 100% Mexican culinary destination and kids love the diverse choices in the area. You will have access to American,...

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