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1 Jul 2022
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Vacation Tips

Don’t get caught off-guard at Cancun’s International Airport, learn about the latest updates before you arrive. 

Tourist Cards Are Now Digital 

Mexico remains among the top 10 countries with the most open borders policies welcoming internationals from all over the world without a visa.  That said visitors do require to complete an Official Entry Immigration Form or Tourist Card. Before this card was to be completed online or on the plane be signed and stamped upon arrival and returned to customs before departing the country. As of June 2022, airlines will no longer provide paper forms as the Mexican government is providing digital tourist cards. 

The form remains the same and the tourist cards absolutely FREE. What’s changed is that you no longer need fill out the form or print it. Each traveler will receive a pdf via email they can save and store on any device. This reduces any fines or penalties due to loss of your tourist card. Find more details about Mexico’s immigration form here or go straight to

Length Of Stay 

Prior to 2020, most visitors traveling to Mexico without a visa as tourists were automatically granted 180 days. However, due to the overwhelming amount of people who began working remotely the Mexican government was forced to shorten the term to 90 days or less during the pandemic. Today, it is up to the immigration officer’s best judgement to grant visitors a tourist card for 180, 90, or fewer days. Usually, visitors are given at least a couple of weeks beyond their return flight or their booked accommodations. So be sure to have a copy of your return ticket or vacation rental handy when you go up to the window. 

Bring A Mask

Yes, masks are no longer mandatory in some countries such as the U.S. and most mask requirements in Mexico have been lifted too. That said, all travelers are required to wear a mask from the plane until they exit customs. Upon deplaning, there are messages in Spanish and English being played throughout the airport explaining you will need masks at the security checkpoint. Travelers without a mask will be asked to step out of line to go purchase one and then go to the back of the line. Spare yourself any further delays or being denied access and just have one for yourself and each member of your group. Yes, this includes children too. 

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