Relaxing on the Beach is Now Easier

Riviera Maya Beach
Long carefree walks on the beach along with slipping in and out of naps under an oceanfront shade are the top priorities for travelers and SAFEGO has created one of the best devices to ease your qualms about losing your important possessions. 

Hiding your valuables in your shoes while swimming does not work 

One of the must-have gadgets on your next vacation is SAFEGO, the “ultimate” portable safe. If you haven’t heard about SAFEGO just yet, it’s the best-rated portable lockbox offering travelers an excellent option to keep their most important valuables securely in one place. 
It’s the first item listed on the Travel Channel’s list of “Beach Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed,” and Business Insider also agrees that this portable vault to be a game changer for your next beach vacation. Even USA Today claims this gadget will help travel worry-free. Seeing such great praise, LocoGringo set off on an arduous research expedition in Riviera Maya, and the results confirm SAFEGO as an excellent purchase that provides an additional layer of security for valuables on the go. 

We tested it ourselves

safeco beach safe

SAFEGO was put to the test in various scenarios along the coast and it came through with flying colors. While camping on the beach, SAFEGO was secured to a mangrove and surprisingly revealed it’s sand and waterproof qualities. This nifty gadget is also an added firewall to your locker rental when diving, snorkeling or visiting theme parks. Made of high impact resistant plastic this safe has a heavy duty 17″ steel cable that allows you to fasten it to a solid fixture so pirates don’t sail away with your booty. 
safeco beach safe
The design of this lockbox is reminiscent to the old fashion lunch pails and is perfect for concealing your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, keys and there’s even more room for objects like jewelry and your Kindle.  The most underrated characteristic is its convenient earphone access. Yes, the sound of the ocean is one of the most soothing melodies in the universe but sometimes the sweet sound of music is just what we need to zen out. Especially, during high season when beaches are far more busy that your tunes will help phase out auricular distractions to get your well deserved RnR. 
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