Al Cielo Restaurant

Posted November 18, 2010 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink

Al Cielo Restaurant Xpu Ha Beach

Al Cielo translates to “Heaven” and this wonderful beachfront restaurant in Xpu-Ha with the sound of the waves meeting the shore, stars and candles twinkling and savory flavors to delight in provides just that.

Last night I had a rare opportunity to enjoy dinner with a group of friends at Al Cielo.   The owner and my amigo, Andres Olavarrieta, recently told me he had a new menu, so with friends visiting it was the perfect time to sample some of the new fare.   Located on Xpu Ha beach just south of  Puerto Aventuras, it is a short drive from Puerto and the Akumal area.

Cocktails before dinner were divine and the waiters did a super job getting our orders correct considering there were 10 of us moving about the place hugging and kissing hello.   The chef sent out a little appetizer of octopus (pulpo) ceviche for us to enjoy while we flipped the pages of the menu.    Red wine flowed throughout the meal.  All the salads were delicious.  My friend raved about his duck salad.  Our entrees included every seafood! White clams, sea bass, grouper and lobster were being prepared in the kitchen.   The menu also had sashimi, seared tuna and steaks.  Portion sizes were perfect, however the lobster was enough for two!  I had the clams and they were simply delectable, right down to the crunchy bread I used to sop up the garlic, wine and butter sauce.

Al Cielo Lobster

Al Cielo Clams

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert!  We had at least three different desserts – chocolate mousse, coconut mousse,  a light yogurt-parfait with berries, and creme brulee!  Everyone had a favorite. The fresh berries served with each were ripe and luscious.  It was a very indulgent night out on the beach.

For a special evening out or no reason at all, try Al Cielo.  For dinner, make reservations via email especially during the holidays h.  They are open for lunch too.  Al Cielo also features a boutique hotel so you can spend your vacation with both fine food and beach right outside your door.


  1. Carol Borich, November 30, 2010:

    My friend and I discovered Al Cielo on Nov 17 when we drove up to XpuHa beach from Akumal. It is truly a gorgeous place for lunch, from the red bouganvilla petals sprinkled on the white tablecloths, to the attentive waiters, to possibly the most beautiful beach on this planet. I had a shrimp salad with a guacamole aspic that raised salad to a new height, and yes, we did get that free octopus seviche that was lovely. Now that I plan to visit in the evening, we question: how is the entrance marked? It seems like it might be near or part of Essencia, but we’re not sure as we approached barefoot in the sand!

  2. kay, December 13, 2010:

    Carol, there is a sign for Al cielo along the highway. It is by Essencia just south of the entrance for that hotel.

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